Watch your underwear!


I always like M Countdown‘s “fan cams” a billion times more than their actual broadcasts–I think it’s because you can actually see the choreography.

And this time, if you’re curious, you can also see U-Kwon’s nipples! I guess he felt like it wasn’t fair that B-Bomb had all the fun last time.

But we focus on serious issues on this blog, so I’d like to take the conversation a little further south and discuss what’s going on with their underwear. It looks to me like B-Bomb and U-Kwon have, as I’d hoped, discovered the exciting world of undergarments designed especially for male dancers.

The thing about such underwear is that, if you have the standard male equipment, you typically have some positioning options: You can “tuck in” and use the undergarment to hold your junk up against your body, making it all less visible, or you can “tuck out,” which is what they did here.

The result is a far more supported look than, say, harem pants without underwear.

But such undergarments can act a bit, in Alan Cumming’s words, “like a Wonder Bra for the male junk.”

(P.O’s approach is a little different, because P.O learned long ago to just let The Whale do the talking.)

Anyway, needless to say we should admire this “tucking out” as it demonstrates our oppars’ selfless dedication to their “sleazy gangster” concept, because in real life they are totally pure virgins with no understanding of sex or sexuality.


U-Kwon is asking because he does not know. B-Bomb is not answering because he doesn’t know, either.

* * *

All right, enough fun. What’s been going on with My Zone and the Bastarz’ releases so far?

I keep complaining about the Japanese market being opaque and weird, and My Zone threw in another wrinkle, because it is an album, and apparently Japanese albums are very different creatures than Japanese CD singles. In particular they usually sell less, which is odd to me, because there’s more music on the albums. (Of course, if you were buying Block B’s Japanese CD singles all along, you already have most of the music on My Zone, so maybe that’s it.)

My Zone sold only about 17,500 copies its first week of release, which seems really bad compared to Block B’s earlier releases, but because it’s an album, it ranked well-enough on Oricon and just as well on Billboard Japan‘s album chart as Block B usually does. Plus Block B seems to be getting plenty of press, so I don’t think this went badly, but of course it’s hard to tell.

And I saw Welcome 2 Bastarz on iTunes Japan’s albums chart at #26 a couple of days ago, so once again the Japanese releases in Japan seem to be helping the Korean releases there as well. I don’t think it will hurt that My Zone was released internationally–for a while there “My Zone” was the top-selling Block B song on U.S. iTunes, although it’s not now.

There’s no Gaon numbers up for the Welcome 2 Bastarz album or “Make It Rain”–“Selfish & Beautiful Girl” was #16 on Gaon’s digital chart, which looks kind of bad, except that it was #3 on the download chart.

So, there is an audience, but as I think as one might expect for a pre-release from a sub-unit, the audience is a little more niche-y, especially since we’re not seeing the impact of promotions yet. Bastarz doesn’t have Zico’s brand working for them, so it makes sense that they’re not getting this HUGE immediate response. It’s not really anything to worry about–it’s not like they’re under some huge pressure to deliver enormous results today.


Traffic to for the past 30 days.

Speaking of Zico: I’m finding the MAMA voting results to be pretty interesting, because he’s doing really well in the Top Male Artist category.


And the biggest group of voters are from China.


I think that’s The Collaboration at work there.

Of course, Zico’s already scheduled to perform in Seoul the day after the MAMAs, and the knock on them is that they’re like the Golden Globes–if you don’t show up, you ain’t gonna win. So we’ll see. (ETA: Hey, he’s a Top 10 artist for the Melon Music Awards–good for him!)


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  1. lol you have no idea how hard those die-hard fans in China is trying to gain more votes for their oppas. If you are curious- for Best rapper of the year, the gap btw ZICO and Gary is very small. Apparently all fandom is trying in everyway possible to support their bias…..

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