That’s right!


This was a nice thing to wake up to this morning!

That should help stave off that pesky daylight-savings-generated seasonal-affective disorder!

I noticed in the comments that there were people there because they had gone onto YouTube to watch the new BAP and Mamamoo releases, and then I guess “That’s Right” got served up by Autoplay or something. I know that there’s some angst over the fact that 1. Bastarz is competing with a lot of groups that have HUGE Western fanbases right now, and 2. Block B is not as popular in Western markets as some other groups. But you can see how those two problems can work to solve each other–yes, there’s competition, but there’s also more eyeballs on Bastarz precisely because these other groups are promoting at the same time. Sometimes there’s a real advantage to opening up shop in a crowded K-Pop district.

And while in the past, I thought this sort of angst either caused fans serious pain (because they thought Block B’s very existence was under threat) or resulted in really dumb decisions, this time around I feel like it’s more informed and less pernicious. The line seems to be, “Block B is very popular in Korea, but they could have more fans internationally,” which is all true (they could ALWAYS have more fans internationally). Hopefully this narrative leads to people telling their friends about Block B and engaging in other helpful, reality-oriented, and positive behavior, instead of slitting their wrists or something.

Even the whole Music Bank thing has been interesting, because instead of acting like music shows are a papal conclave or something, the people defending the show are copping to the fact that this is a pay-for-play environment–which is entirely true, and has always been true. Yes, Bastarz isn’t coughing up extra payola: Such thrift is common when you’re spending your own money, instead of charging your expenses to your talent’s debt. (Plus, P.O would have to learn another dance….)

So, you know, once again if we don’t see a huge pop in the Korean market, don’t fret–there are many other markets, and Bastarz is getting more exposure in them (plus quite a bit of press in Korea as well).

ETA: And this doesn’t really change anything (which most commenters, both English- and Korean-speaking, seem to understand). Honestly, I understand that they’ve gotten kind of used to topping out every time, but that’s not always going to happen, and unless someone’s in a huge hole, it really shouldn’t matter.


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    • It’s disappointing to be sure, although again, Korean digital sales aren’t the only sales. And it’s not like they’re the members of 4 Minute, awaiting the ax if everything doesn’t turn out amazingly.

  1. I know, but they wanted this so much, to be able to do something by them and succeed. I love Zico and I know he want badly that for them too, just not sure how, cause kpop is so saturated with trendy groups now, is hard to get thru. Funny thing is I have being waiting for bigger youtubers to react to them not that I care, but to like make more people aware, but seems most of them really just don’t care about block b at all, so not many publicity from foreigners too.
    is upseting 😦 I wanna help and not sure how at this point.

    • It’s not like they’re not getting ANY attention though–their YouTube views for “Make It Rain” and “Selfish & Beautiful” are not that different from where “Conduct Zero” was at this point. Plus they’re doing lots of fan signings, which sells albums. They have a lot of levers they can pull to make money, let’s put it that way. They’re also definitely being given a lot of opportunities in the Korean media. (I think you’re at a certain level when the fact that your song hasn’t sold a lot is considered newsworthy.) Of course it would be wonderful if every release sold a million downloads and they could just kick back and take it easy all the time, but this is a job for them, and sometimes jobs involve a lot of grunt work.

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