Music shows, doing what they do


Last week’s traffic data to was all messed up (in a good way) from the video release, but this week:


Five shows in four days = 50% more visitors. I’d say that was well worth the sacrifice of a pair of pants.

Especially because they weren’t my pants.


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  1. Wow.
    Speaking of which, I would like to hear your opinion on the fact that Block B is all of a sudden earning every show’s prizes after many years of winning absolutely nothing: has Korea finally decided to care about Block B or has Block B finally decided to buy these prizes just like everyone has been doing for years?

      • Yes, I saw how well their last CDs sold only after commenting here, sorry! Kinda surprised me considering they’re not doing so well on MAMA and that’s all I knew. Taeil and Bastarz keep flopping badly and the reason absolutely isn’t lack of musical quality, but I guess they do lack charisma compared to Zico and Kyung – who begs and spoils bbc so much that we tend to favor him. But seriously now, I just think it’s odd because as a group Block B wasn’t less relevant before from what I see, just… dirt poor. I do find it kind of sad. (Not as sad as their faces watching BTS perform on AAA, though.)

        • I think it has to be very painful to watch a show with fucked-up sound when you yourself are a performer….

          I’d say that Block B as a group has been fairly popular for a while, but Zico’s solo run in late 2015/early 2016 really changed the game. They’re much higher-profile now, both for good and ill–so that, say, Taeil talking about how much they used to fight becomes this big story, even though he’s been very up-front about that in the past and it never made the papers.

          But things like MAMA votes are more about the size/dedication of a group’s fan base than popularity with the public. Block B is always going to lose in a vote against Exo, because Exo-Ls REALLY REALLY care and are willing to dedicate enormous time and effort to make sure Exo wins. BBCs don’t care as much, and the public doesn’t care at all.

          • LOL! Could be. Idk what was up but those faces were so funny it couldn’t come from any other group. Being a bbc is fun, but painful.

            This is what I was talking about. I think it’s more, Zico upped SeSeas’ game too. Not that I dislike this, not at all. I think that was just an effect of the media’s scandal anxiety though… “those Block B dudes are popular again these days but they’re not sparking needless controversy anymore, that can’t be, let’s scoop some sh#”.

            Could be that. Zico’s got a lot of those kinds of fans though.

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