This exciting multilingual Internet world we live in….


So apparently there’s something untrue that’s been having some legs in the non-English-speaking, non-Korean-speaking fan population, and that is the idea that Zico recently released a diss track targeting Rap Monster.

The reason this hasn’t been a thing in the Korean-speaking fan population is because it didn’t actually happen–Zico has never released a diss targeting Rap Monster. It was a thing for only about two seconds among English-speaking fans until they figured out 1. it didn’t actually happen, and 2. what was floating around was not a translation, but rather something that was written in English to begin with (which is not something that is really hard to determine if you are a native speaker).

So, here is the English-language original: You’ll notice that “Zico” didn’t merely diss Rap Monster, he managed to bring in Exo’s Chanyeol and Unpretty Rapstar as well, and then he ended it with a–what else?–“sha sha sha.” Later on, a diss from “Chanyeol” surfaced. At this point no English speaker thought any of it was real, so I stopped paying attention to it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if “Rap Monster” and “some Unpretty Rapstar contestant” also got involved in this wholly imaginary diss battle, since that’s how fan fiction typically operates. (And then they all had sex!)

It’s doubly stupid because this supposed diss came out right after Zico got back from Japan–he hadn’t performed in Korea in weeks, and he didn’t release it on his Soundcloud, so when, exactly, was he supposed to have done this? Plus, despite what netizens seem to think is true, I haven’t seen Zico diss a specific individual since his pre-debut mixtapes. He sat out the Control feud, and given how well he’s been doing, I don’t know why he’d start something now–it’s not like he needs more attention.

Anyway: Obviously understanding that something in English is totally fake is a lot easier if you know the language well (and here I am writing in, yes, English–sorry, I’m trying to help, and this is the only way I can). If non-English-speaking BTS fans are giving Zico a hard time, just do your best to straighten them out–this was a complete counterfeit, and (as has happened in the past) probably wasn’t even intended to be believed. But stuff gets removed from its context and circulated among people who don’t really understand it, and here we are.

* * *

A bit of a flip side to this: Kpopalypse has an interesting post about how non-Korean T-ara fans have managed to flood Korean news sites with positive comments about the group. I have mixed feeling about the tactic, because I feel like K-netz hate is something that just doesn’t really matter, but you know, if you’re really sick of reading the crap and want to put an end to it, this does appear to work. Plus all you’re really doing is leaving nice words, so I think it’s a far more effective and positive tactic than, I dunno, fan wars or whatever.