What is it they say about two wrongs?


Oh dear God. I just discovered that the ever-responsible Koreaboo (which I do not normally read, because they’re fucking worthless) covered the Block B/SNL incident using this picture:


The problem? Just a few seconds before, you can see what Lee Se Young is actually grabbing. (Here, watch it in slo-mo with cheesy music!):


Zico’s shoulder. Jesus fucking Christ, there’s actual footage of Lee grabbing people by the genitals–but no, no, Koreaboo has to make shit up as well. And people just parrot what they say, because it’s not like Koreaboo has a history of knowingly lying about everything.

This drives me crazy. I understand that even vaguely responsible people (a category in which I most certainly do not include Koreaboo) sometimes think it’s OK to lie when the issue is really important, but the fact is, the more serious something is, the accurate you have to be. People will look at the Block B video and wonder why the fuck the police are investigating Lee and why she had to leave SNL and why fans are nonetheless still upset at the show. It must be because we’re all jealous that Lee got to touch Zico, right? Because we’re all insane and are like, “Hands off my future husband!” right?

Fuck you, Koreaboo.

ETA: I know some people were a little perplexed that Seven Seasons released a statement following the news that Block B was going to be questioned by police clarifying that they were being questioned as witnesses and victims, not as suspects.

That might seem strange or unnecessary, but apparently the headline of the original Korean article was quite sloppily written. It reads along the lines of, “SNL/B1A4 sexual harassment scandal continues: Police interrogate Block B and Infinite,” and its exact meaning was . . . open to interpretation, let’s say, especially given that most people only ever read headlines and not the full article. Hence the clarification.


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  1. I saw last night that there are also some off brand kpop sites using still pix of Block B standing & watching footage of the kiss scene between Zico & Park Kyung to “prove”…what exactly…? I don’t recall which ones, I went down a rabbit hole looking for a second source that Lee Se Young is actually being looked into by the police. The problem is these sites aren’t doing any actual reporting, it’s just cut & paste scandal clickbait from some dubious “source”.

    • Her being investigated by the police has been pretty widely reported in the Korean media, so I think at this point if it wasn’t true, they would have said something.

      • Yes, I’ve seen it reported in multiple outlets now along with the statement she’ll be taking time off for “reflection”. I’m not sure that’s going to be enough to calm fans & Knetz down though. Too many others were involved & I wonder if the ratings aren’t going to suffer. Considering all that’s gone on over the past week I’m not sure many people are going to be in the mood for that style of humor.

          • I don’t think it’s enough either & it would be nice if the punishment would go Up the ladder to whoever is in charge of this mess, but I’m not sure it will. What would really be nice is if a large enough entity would say You’re not going to treat our artists this way, see you in court. That is another problem of mega corporations though, one division would be trying to sue the other. Frankly the whole thing is very disturbing but at least the e-people petition helped bring this to scrutiny by the authorities. I feel bad for B1A4 having to deal w/all this while they’re making a comeback, as someone else said they aren’t going to want to be thought of as “the sexually assaulted boys”.

          • ETA : Netizenbuzz has a link up to an article at news.nate.com but it’s in Korean. They say that the police are going to also look into the Block B & Infinite incidents. Allkpop says B1A4 have submitted written statements & that Block B & Infinite are going to be questioned, both groups plan to cooperate…so stay tuned I guess.

  2. It’s obvious she’s being made the scapegoat for snl. There has to be someone responsible for instituting this practice in the first place and that person should be made responsible as well. I don’t think it’s feasible arresting every female on the staff and charging them will sexual assault so they did the next best thing, get someone who everyone knows to appease the public anger. Even if it does somehow go to court, the last thing these idols would want would be to press charges and have the case drag on even further. Worst thing for them would be to appear on the PD’s blacklist so unfortunately I don’t think it will amount to anything. Its a sad state of affairs.

    • I think calling her a scapegoat is too strong–she did it, and unless SNL kidnapped her family or something, she is 100% responsible for what she did. That said, I agree that her bosses need to lose their jobs as well, because it’s obvious there wasn’t the least attempt to maintain an appropriate work environment. But even if they said, “You know what would be hilarious? Grab their dicks!” and she said, “Yes, boss,” she is an adult, and she is responsible for that decision and her subsequent actions.

      • Ah I think maybe scapegoat wasn’t the right term to use, I may have mixed up my terms. Maybe something like fall guy to take the blame? I totally agree that she also has to take some responsibility for her actions. Well with the police asking for block b to be involved officially, it’s going to be interesting…

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