Next time, try using the company’s e-mail address


This was sent to

Name: seven seasons

Subject: Seven Seasons / legal request to remove

Message: Hello, we are writing to request immediate removal of streams/downloads of all Park Kyung and Park Kung + PO songs from your website ( Please cooperate otherwise we will be forced to have your hosting service to be involved. Thankyou!


Dear sender:

  1. Fuck you.
  2. Fuck your mother, forcibly.
  3. Fuck your father, up the ass, without lube.
  4. Fuck both your grandmothers, forcibly.
  5. Fuck both your grandfathers, up the ass, without lube.
  6. Fuck every relative you have, dead or alive, in the most uncomfortable and non-consensual fashion, for all time.

Everyone else: Feel SOSOSOSOSOSOSO FREE to spam that e-mail address.

Honestly–how fucking stupid do people think I am?


5 responses »

  1. wtf. If it was real it wouldn’t even come from Seven Seasons it would come from KQ entertainment… Speaking of Kyung, he has a new solo coming out soon, 12/19 I think.

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