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Taeil once put fried chicken into Jaehyo’s shoes.

What do you even do with that?


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    • Yeah, the rhythms are going to be tricky. I also think the whole idea of taking a musical like that, which is so specific to NYC, and performing it in South Korea is pretty interesting. But it’s done well there, so I guess they did a good job adapting it. (Apparently one of the challenges of adapting “Wicked” was that most Koreans aren’t familiar with “The Wizard of Oz”!)

  1. Lol, Fistmarks on the door sounds like it needs to be a song…I love little discoveries like this. My recent finds are that P.O did an ASMR reading song lyrics ( his voice is so incredibly soothing I Seriously wish he’d record an audio book ), Kyung had his older sister & younger brother on Problematic Men ( no subs but it was fun to see the family resemblance ) & I found the mv of the Vietnamese song they used for the intro to Nillili Mambo ( it’s street musicians which is why you can hear the motorbike in the background ).

    • I’m envisioning a ballad:

      Fist marks on the door,
      Fried chicken in my shoe,
      You are on your knees, but-
      Why should I forgive you?

      Do you have a link to that song? I’m curious!

      • People are always asking what this song is & someone finally gave a name to it. It must be a Vietnamese standard coz there are a lot of other versions. I just about fangirled when I found the right one…

        Zico could do a mixtape for Fried Chicken Shoe, something in the vein of If I Ain’t Got.

      • You mean w/the Park’s ? I don’t understand Korean so I only got the barest gist of what was said from Allkpop, which apparently didn’t even get his sister’s first name right. I just know that it said she said Kyung was sweet & has a good personality & his bro said Kyung was always nice to him. Dailymotion has some eps of PM subbed but not that particular one – hopefully it will be there eventually. Netizenbuzz has a link up to an article on Naver w/part of an interview done w/Jaehyo & Ukwon where Jaehyo says he thinks Zico will stay w/Block B even after their contracts expire.

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