An observation about year-end shows


There’s been a lot of complaining because Block B isn’t doing many (or even any) of the Korean year-end music shows. This is being perceived as a slight directed at the group from these shows.

I feel like this is a bit like complaining because Block B isn’t attending every local Mud Festival in Korea, and insisting that this is happening because the local festival organizers are disrespecting the group.

The thing is, back in 2013, when they were performing every tiny local festival, Block B did appear on the year-end music shows.


In 2014, they somehow managed to appear on even more year-end music shows and events

Also awesome!

to the point where they were choking on fireworks,

Uh, considerably less awesome once you hit the 3:20 mark.

forgetting lines, and pretty much ready to drop from exhaustion.

Geez, guys, take a rest, will ya?

Yeah. Of course I love seeing them perform, too, but you have to remember that for them, this is work. And it can be very hard work.


The good news is, all that work paid off! Here we are in the final days of 2016, and Block B is about as popular as it is possible for a boy group to get in Korea. But what that means is, at this point, doing year-end event after year-end event after year-end event doesn’t have much potential upside for them. Block B is not this up-and-coming group any more, where if they just pushed harder it could potentially have this huge impact on sales. Instead, they already have big sales in Korea, and it’s hard to imagine a situation where, if they just promoted a bit more, their sales would double or something.

Where you are seeing the activity instead is in the solo work. If you’re Taeil, and you’ve got two solo shows coming up in Japan, where would you prefer to put your energy? If you’re Jaehyo or U-Kwon, and you’ve been cast in a popular musical, how would you like to spend your rehearsal time–polishing your performance in that show, or running through “Toy” yet again?

It’s true that Zico is a bit maxed out on popularity as a solo artist as well, but that’s not the case for anyone else in the group. And if you’re interested in seeing the group stay together, the last thing you should want is for the members to feel like they have to choose between developing their own individual careers and being in Block B.

Luckily, there’s no real reason things have to be that way. But part of that balancing act is that sometimes Block B is going to opt out of doing things that are fun for the fans, because those things are also very tiring and time-consuming for the members.


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  1. You’re not kidding they’re busy ! TV shows, solo work, the musical ( now that’s something I’d Love to see ), P.O & Ukwon also did a photo shoot for Maxim Femme magazine & there’s the tour coming up shortly. I like some of their live performances but I’m not really a fan of big, glitzy, overly processed shows of any kind. As a fan I’d rather see something more interesting, like the V app broadcast Park Kyung did for the release of OgeulOgeul. It was 4 days old by the time I remembered to check to see what might be available but it was well worth watching. He spent the first 1/2 hr or so interacting w/fans, a couple of which got phone calls!, then Taeil, P.O, Jaehyo & Ukwon rolled in. I’d rather watch that for an hour than see them suffering through some made for tv extravaganza . He hinted that he might be releasing more mixtape songs, he mentioned Strong ( yes please! ).

    What I hope they’ll do is continue to work on solo projects & also have the time to come back together as Block B for awhile. I think they’ll stand a better chance of being able to continue to function as a group that way. At some point their military service is going to come into play too so any one who hasn’t embraced their solo or subunit work is going to be distressed by more than them not being on some year end shows…

    • Yeah, I’m sure a big part of why they’re not up for doing a gazillion year-end performances is because they’re SO much busier than they used to be. Two years ago, it was just: U-Kwon is in a musical, and the Japan debut is coming up. And we thought that was a lot!

      Personally, I’ve never even managed to sit through one of the year-end shows (or an award show). I mean, yes, they have marketing value so it’s not like it’s a bad thing when the group appears on them, but I just don’t have the patience (and sometimes the production values are just ghastly).

      • I wish he’d do another web series. I watched What In The World Is Going On just because he was in it & liked it. I saw some brief interviews about the musical, it looks so good !

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