Non-Block B songs I enjoyed in 2016


It seems like everyone is doing these Best K-Pop Songs of 2016 lists, but they all seem to feature the same songs, so I thought I’d do my own completely arbitrary list of songs I liked. Obviously it would be really boring and predictable if the whole thing was just Block B related, so the rules are that the song 1. had to be released in 2016 and 2. cannot be a part of the Greater Block B Musical Complex.

I’m going to group them thematically instead of trying to rank them, because I think ranking stuff you like is inherently pointless. But there is a Song of the Year, so be prepared for that!

Here we go!

Trop music comes to Korea.

Yeah, if you’re American, right now you’re screaming “DEAR GOD NO MORE TROP!!!!” but I like all these songs because they use trop more as a spice, which means that they don’t all sound exactly the same.

Hash Swan & dKash, “Ay”

BTS, “Save Me”

Double K, “OMG”

CJamm & BeWhy, “Puzzle”

Jay Park, “Me Like Yuh”

Reggae Collaborations

I’m keeping with the tropical theme, because it’s fucking freezing where I live right now.

Skull & HaHa, with Stephen Marley, “Love Inside”

Skull & Sizzla Kalonji, “Get Rich”

Cute Duets

Park Kyung is really bummed that he can’t be included.

Sonnet Son & Andup, “Without You”

Heize & Dean, “And July”

Babylon & HA:TFELT, “Raining Street”

Music to Shtup To

“Tightly” could fit in here. You know, if you make it tight.

Yoonmirae, “JamCome On Baby”

Babylon, “Crush on You”

Jimin Park & Hash Swan, “Walkin'”

Mino, “Body”

Paloalto, “Fancy”

Elo, “Tattoo”

Leftover Music I Liked

Bulhandang, “We Back”

BeWhy, “Day Day”

San E & Chancellor, “Dish”

Vromance & Big Tray, “Bing”

Candle & Hanhae, “I Know”

Snacky Chan, “Out of Time”

Boi B, “Horangnabi”

Taewoon, “Fine Apple”

Kanto, “YOSM”

Sleepy, “Oh Yeah”

One, “Comfortable”

Junoflo, “Infinite Styles”


2016 was a bitch, so San-E wrote a song about it. Congratulations, San-E, on creating my personal Song of the Year!

San-E, “Bad Year”


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  1. Yay,a list ! I’ll be digging through this when I get the chance. I already have Body, Oh Yeah & Bad Year in my “watch later” queue. Here are some of the songs from 2016 that made it on to my play list, I tried to avoid the obvious ones like you said. I’m always looking to sift for diamonds…

    Ear Worms : Very Nice – Seventeen
    What’s Your Number – Zhoumi

    Mellow Out : Fall – Crush
    Winter Bird – Suron
    Galaxy – Bolbbalgan4
    White Sugar – Monsta X

    Stand Up Guy & Gal Award : Can’t Help Myself – Eric Nam
    Borders – Amber

    Road Trip Music : Tell Me What To Do – SHINee
    White T-Shirt – Jonghyun

    Tales From The Darkside : 24k’s ambitious 2 part mv : Still 24k, followed by Bingo
    All In – Monsta X
    One More Day – Sistar ( boy did I not see This coming…it made me think
    of The Sopranos ep “Long Term Parking” )
    Like Family – Anda
    Bonnie & Clyde – Dean

    #2 Coz He’s Trying Harder : Holup – Bobby ( who’s gonna clean that mess up,huh? )

    #1 Drum Roll….. : Sexuality – Taemin. ( talk about shtupping…..this is the song that addicted me to his
    voice )

    MNET has voting going on for HTS right now. I made an account during MAMA so I’ve been voting for B Bomb & Taeil. I think I’m 14 hrs behind KST since DST kicked in so I’m not actually sure how well they’re doing. They’re both w/in the top 10 whenever I vote in the AM fwiw…I think it’s great they put Helsinki on the tour. I know I’ve seen comments in the past on YT by fans in Finland who were sad because they were sure they’d never get to see Block B because not many groups tour there,so hopefully they’ll get a nice crowd. They better pack their long johns….

    • Cool! I will definitely check out the songs on your list when I get the chance!

      =Taeil= is up for “Hit the Stage”? Hmmm….

      “Toy” was number one on iTunes Finland, so yeah–I wasn’t shocked that Helsinki wound up a repeat. They sold out the last time they were there (and got quite a bit of local coverage to boot), so I’m not worried about attendance.

      • The way it’s worded is HTS male dancer,which is B Bomb’s category. Then Spirit JTBC vocalist,which is Taeil. Then they have the same two categories but for female singer & dancer. Are they 2 different shows or is it the same one ? I see also that the cops say no proof in the Lee Se Young/SNL fiasco so it’s been dropped. I rather figured that would be the outcome. No one is going to want the mess,black listing,interruption of schedules etc.

        • So are they going to have a “Boy Spirit” show? Of course having Taeil on “Girl Spirit” would be just as funny as having him on “Hit the Stage.”

          Yeah, I saw the news about SNL–this is why idols get victimized, they can’t rock the boat. But nobody seems happy about it, and I doubt that Lee will have a career after this, so hopefully that will encourage people to behave a little better.

          • “Boy group recommended that the Spirit JTBC Season 2 (Boys Group) is the main vocalist? Fans picked TOP30 (only 1 choice, once per day (after 24 hours))”

            That’s the direct quote from the page translation. I don’t really “get” why it’s called Spirit (pep rallies spring to my mind) but I’m willing to go along w/it. When I voted this AM (Thurs) B Bomb was 5th @ 6.2% and Taeil was 6th @ 3.94%.

            • Yeah, “Girls Spirit” (I don’t understand the “spirit” bit either, but you know, borrowed words…) is basically a competition show for vocalists from K-Pop groups–the idea is to give them more exposure and show that they can actually sing, kind of like what “Hit The Stage” does for dancers. I guess the JTBC network is thinking about doing a boys’ version.

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