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is now on iTunes. (Note that the titles are completely different. Love that.)

I guess they could do that because it’s an original song? I don’t know if it’s a rights issue or just because they don’t think it’s worth doing, but it seems like they release covers of old songs sung for Korean shows on Melon all the time–yet never iTunes. Which can be kind of a bummer, especially if the original song being covered is old enough that it was never on iTunes to begin with, or if it was recorded back when production values weren’t very good, or if the cover arrangement is significantly different than the original.

Speaking of the old days of music:


Kyung’s in a…1950s retro recording studio?


The break room.

I…uh…do you think that recording equipment actually dates from the 1950s? Or was it just made to look retro? I do not know, but I sure think it’s pretty.


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  1. I had seen some of these teaser pix for Kyung’s upcoming mini album but not that last one of the “break room”. Ugh – that gave me a serious flashback of Something I saw Somewhere at Sometime that was buried in my lizard brain…why,Kyung,why….The recording equipment looks like a scene from one of the Fallout games. But he looks cute in those sweaters!

    • Ah, I haven’t played Fallout–do zombies spring out of the cabinet and eat you? Block B Style is working on Kyung’s look, but it doesn’t seem like they’ve nailed the sweaters yet….

      • Not zombies,post nuclear radiated mutants,although there was a group in FO3 that were apparently some sort of vampires. The giant ants & crabs were even worse…I loved the heck out of that game but those immersive games are such a commitment.

        What sort of look are they looking for Kyung? I rather liked the laid back post-idol weekend-in-the-country look, although I don’t know that I’d want him to stick w/that exclusively. Maybe that style suits the songs on the mini-album ?

        • The time commitment is the reason I basically avoid computer games–I get addicted very easily, and it becomes: I can play this game, or I can do EVERYTHING ELSE that is important to me in life, but I can’t do both!

          The album cover looks like the kind of cloth cover you see on an old hardcover library book, so maybe it’s kind of a retro-student thing. (Although now I’m kind of rooting for some GIANT CRABS to come along. Maybe one of the videos could be a “Teenagers from Outer Space” concept! Man, I would be all over that….)

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