Jaehyo caught a fish!



There it is!


There it is again! It’s a fish! He’s very proud of himself!

(Seriously: My brother-in-law is the same way. It’s a fish. He caught it. Just be supportive.)

In other news:


P.O is standing in a corner for some reason.


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  1. Holy shit ! That fish looks huge! I wonder if they mount fish as trophies in SK ? I am truly impressed w/that as much as the fact that Jaehyo knows what a circle change up is & can demonstrate how it’s held. It’s neat he likes such regular guy type stuff. I choose to believe that P.O is still floating on a cloud of bliss after being chosen Lipstick Prince by Dara.

  2. Did you see the translations from Taeil’s fan meets? He said Jaehyo is the most annoying because he starts talking about fishing when no one cares. Thats a true hobbyist!

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