Time elapsed from new music release to announcement of next release: eight days


Seriously! Keeps me busy, to be sure–new stuff has been coming out so fast I feel like I’m not giving it enough time in the “New!” areas over on BlockB.com. It’s all good, though: Someday I won’t even have to put up and take down the “New music coming soon!” header on the Home page, but instead I’ll just swap out the links….


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  1. I don’t know how you keep up! I’ve been busy all day & only found out coz I’ve been using the Gaon K – Pop Idol voting app. I was looking up more info when your post came in e-mail. I’m glad they’re busy but I hope they work some time for R & R into their schedule.

    • Yeah, it used to be a lot easier! Back when I was a reporter, I’d get into the office and check the wires. Nowadays, I get up, eat breakfast, and check the wires….

      I guess the need for R&R explains why they were so hammered during Park Kyung’s eating show. I know there’s been talk about a comeback, but I wasn’t expecting it quite so soon–U-Kwon has a show the night before, FFS, and they’ll be in Europe on the 24th!

      • I watched Kyung’s eating show live on V-App the day it happened ( I would gladly have traded my breakfast yogurt for that tempura shrimp he never even touched…). I thought he seemed tired,he mentioned it had been a long day & he seemed irked w/his drunken band mates…I think he hung up on them which isn’t surprising,I’ve seen him do that before when he’s had enough of something. I never really understood the appeal of those shows but after watching one live I have to say I missed him when he signed off !

        Anyway,I somehow found myself at some sort of OH offshoot called “Ohgworts” a day or two ago ( Zico is being dragged in one thread of course – they claim he “plagiarized ” Chance ) & someone said that P.O had hinted they were going to have a comeback very soon. I wondered then what exactly “soon” meant. That was the first mention I’d even seen about it. I knew Cross Gene was having a comeback in Feb. but this caught me by surprise. Maybe that’s the symbolism of lightning bolts out of the clear blue,haha…

        • Kyung definitely has a temper (San Francisco is coming back to me, all unbidden). I loved the one time on V App when he said–with this HUGE SMILE–that if you commented about another Block B member during his V App, he would remember your name and block you. Don’t take any shit, Kyung!

          I have to say, I was totally fascinated watching Kyung eat lobster because of his table manners–my parents were slightly obsessive about table manners, and we have relatives in Maine, so I had a lot of schooling in the “correct” (read: Emily Post) way to eat lobster. And (with a few exceptions) the way he went about doing it was entirely different–worked just as well, and he’s obviously an old hand at it, but the methods and tools were not the same.

          I considered posting links to Kpopalypse’s posts about plagiarism in music over at OH, but I decided it wasn’t worth the trouble of creating an account in order to interact with a bunch of ignoramuses who don’t give a crap about reality anyway. (I mean, honestly, saying he plagiarized the Chance the Rapper songs is as bad as the “Because You’re Pretty”/”Be the Light” thing–the songs are far from identical.) At this point, it just doesn’t matter–sure, if you want, Zico stole your wife, and he plagiarized your song. Also: Eats children. Whatevs.

          I saw the thing by P.O (IIRC, he said it at the Bastarz concert), but like you say, it was just so vague–“Block B will be coming back soon!” could mean in a few months, or sometime in 2017, or anything, really. The schedule has been a little calm, which sometimes means a comeback is in the works, but then again they had the European concert tour coming up, so I really didn’t know what to think. I’m happy it’s this!

          • Yeah, I’m thrilled they found time to give us something new! I’m still finding random things on yt. I like CNBlue & I had no idea they did live appearance outside & Zico featured. It looked damned cold,he had a long coat on & I laughed coz as soon as he was done he was down the steps & gone.

            I saw that V-App incident w/Kyung! He had called his “hyungs” at PM & everything was fine til one of them was like “tell Zico I said hi” & Click…yer outta here…Then he finger wagged at the fans,which I found amusing but I completely agree w/him. The show was for him & his new song,not tell oppa I miss him. The funniest eating moment I’ve seen was something MNET did called Enchanted Bastarz. P.O was in the restaurant talking about how his father would smack him at the dinner table for talking w/his mouth full. And the whole time he was telling the story – you guessed it – he was talking w/his mouth full…

            No point banging your head against the wall w/OH. Like I said no one is going to change anyone’s mind,i.e. haters gonna hate. I listened to the songs but I don’t have a real ear for that sort of thing. There was a vaguely similar piano piece in a part of it but if the origin is a mixtape….and I don’t know what the other “point” was that they tried to make – Z was using the same tempo or something ? wut…but by all means sue,sue,get All the lawyers….don’t forget the tar & feathers & pitchforks while you’re at it.

            • These two songs are more or less the same kind of song = plagiarism! You see the same damned thing with books–this is a vampire novel and that is a vampire novel, so clearly it’s plagiarism. This is why teenagers aren’t allowed to be lawyers.

  2. Soompi is now saying it’s not actually a comeback – ? :

    “Park Kyung has taken to Twitter to clear up a misunderstanding about Block B’s upcoming track.

    On January 26, the group shared a teaser photo for a new release entitled “Yesterday” that is due out on February 6 at midnight KST. It was later reported that the song will not be a comeback, but rather a special single written and composed by member Park Kyung.

    One article that was retweeted by Block B’s official Twitter described the track as a “‘fan special song’ to be released ahead of the group’s fan meeting on February 11,” leading many readers to believe that the track was specifically written as a “fan song.” ”

    Sigh…..guess we can take a deep breath & calm down now. That’s ok. Kyung doesn’t disappoint. A misunderstanding does help clarify why this seemed to come out of nowhere.

    • The misunderstanding was about it being a “fan song” (which is, like, K-Pop code for “a song that no one is really going to like, but the hard-core fans will pretend they do, out of loyalty”)–they never said it was going to be a full album or a full comeback. They’re often mysterious about their releases, which is why I’ve learned to just go with the vague “New music coming soon!” over on BlockB.com. It drives some people crazy, but I actually find it pretty amusing.

      There was some talk back when “Jackpot” was released about getting the full group set up on a two-release-a-year schedule: A small release in the spring, and a bigger release in the fall. So maybe they’re actually trying to stick with that these days–we’ll see….

      • Ah,good to know! Judging from reactions to the Yesterday announcement it seems like a lot of people were thinking/hoping full comeback. I would be really happy if Zico,Kyung & P.O would release a rap song together. I will anticipate whatever they decide to do.

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