This does not suck


Fan cams from Amsterdam are starting to crop up!

People seem excited:

ETA: I’d heard rumors of a lap dance! So happy they’re true!

(Looks like someone has most of the concert up here. Cool!)

And this is just the beginning….

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Block B is going to be at a concert at the Yoyogi First Gymnasium in Tokyo, which seats–get this–13,000 peopleThat’s not bad! It’s not just them, but they are one of only four acts (including an opening act, making them one of three headliners), so that’s really nice. (ETA: Apparently there will be more acts, but it also sounds like it’s going to be televised nationally…cool.)



That includes a lot of traffic to the schedule page after the concert. Do people want to see them again or something? Or maybe the fan accounts are tipping the people on the fence over to the “Yes, it’s worth every penny!” side of things….


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  1. With all the wretched crap that’s been going on in k-pop lately these guys are like breath of fresh air & I hope they can remain so! In the meantime I catch myself saying a little prayer for them every day that they stay happy,healthy & safe. FYI in case you aren’t aware I’ve seen quite a few hot links up for in the comment section for Yesterday on yt. Leave it to P.O to be jumping on a members lap again,he always makes me laugh! I think it was Weekly Idol they were on when he sat on Zico’s lap & started talking right in his ear. Zico literally squealed,I cracked up because I’d have done the same thing!

    • Are the hotlinks for, or If it’s for my site, don’t worry about it, but you should probably let know if it’s them–they can adjust their settings if it’s a problem.

      • Is it bad to give them link? Usually when I see someone new to the group that wants tô know more about them like discography or even the story of the group I inform them about the site cause is a great site to find everything related.
        I though was a good thing 😢 sorry was just happy with so many ifans getting interested on them.

        • Oh no–a link is fine! Please keep doing links! Please please please!

          She’s talking about hotlinks, which are when you embed graphics or video from a site that’s not set up to handle it. That can be expensive if they have to pay data charges.

          • Oh ok I dont even know what is hot link some BBCS are just assisting curious kpop fans that dont know them. Tbh the comments there are quite cute and as an older fan seeying people actually just liking them and saying they are in love is good. We usually see a lot of bashing is lovely to see so many positive reactions.

            • Yes it is, and it’s great that people are doing that kind of outreach! Regular links–like this–are always 100% fine.

              A hotlink is–you know how when you embed YouTube video, the views are all credited to YouTube instead of the site where the video is embedded? In that case, embedding is fine (in fact, that’s what everyone wants you to do), because YouTube is set up to handle that (as is Instagram and Twitter and everything else with an “embed” option).

              But some Web sites aren’t set up to handle it, so if you embed their stuff, they might have to pay extra for all that data use. So, if you want to share a graphic or video from a site, it’s usually better to download it from that site and upload it onto your own site instead of embedding it.

  2. I guess P.O is the guy who prefer to give love than to receive it; for e.g constantly teasing/touching Taeil or kissing Jaehyo but, as I remember, when, in said program, Taeil was whispering to his ear he was not impressed…
    What do you mean by ‘wretched crap’? Musically or…

    • Some of it is musically, like I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t like BTS’s Spring Day & thinks it’s depressing & even though I like Cross Gene’s Black & White it’s dark asf. All I could think is thank God Block B gave us something bright & peppy…The rest of it is just “fan” foolishness : someone threw something at Lay when he was on stage, 1st pic of T.O.P from the army he looks traumatized & it took anti’s about 2 secs to drag him coz he had his name tag on the wrong side,then the fan wars going strong between EXO/BTS then BTS/VIP because of the supposedly plagiarized stage at the Gaon Awards, BTS stans trying to figure out how they’re going to work the new charting system that will go into effect…blah,f’ing blah…I don’t even call myself a fan of these idols or groups it just gets to be a bit much sometimes.

      • Oh & you can add to that list the fact that Beast doesn’t get to keep their name & now will go by Highlight…which for some reason just really pisses me off. Highlight ?? really ? wtf…

        • Oh, ok I get it know… well I never get the hang of BTS so I don’t know, and the only song I like from them is the one you mentioned, War of hormones, I should give rest a try.
          But for me Block B is the only group I started to listen because I first heard a song, Nillili Mambo, some wierd twist of watching ‘youtubers react to kpop’ and then somehow got hooked on the ones that was not included, plus Zicos hair in the mv totally convinced me that I should give this a try 😉 and was not dissapointed. Lately I’ve been paying attention to got7 and bigbang but mostly because I watched some shows with one or some of the members and liked their personality so I checked the music as well, and there are some songs that I don’t want to bang my head against the wall when I hear them so…

          yeah the BEAST thing isn’t great, I think the company thinks that people mostly remember the name not the faces so maybe they hope that other people with the know group name will be also popular… it’s really nasty, but I guess it’s business for you..and yeah the new name is kind of…

          And with fans… well it’s not news that most of them have to much free time on their hands and going crazy from boredom unless there’s drama to make

          • Nillili Mambo was the 1st thing I watched by Block B coz I saw Zico in the thumbnail & thought : a Korean guy w/blonde hair & dredlocks? What’s That all about…never will I ever regret it. I wish I liked Bigbang more than I do. I like Daesung’s voice,Taeyang is just…..damn,son…..everyone compares T.O.P & P.O but I like P.O’s voice better,Seungri is ok,G Dragon I don’t get. I think he’s either brilliant or annoying & can never make up my mind which. I’m not a big fan of his voice but I wish he’d do a punk rock albumn. I love Crooked & that’s about as Punk as k-pop gets. Haru Haru is ancient but it’s my favorite thing by them. Bang Bang Bang is ok but I actually like the Ferry Remix better coz it cuts the slow part out. GD did Crayon which has fun visuals & I like Taeyang’s Love You To Death.

            • “Nililli Mambo” was also the first Block B I saw or heard, and my thought seeing Zico in that video was–gosh, have you watched Firefly? There’s an episode called “Jaynestown” where Jayne tells another guy, “You’ve got yourself looking mighty hideous.” That line just echoed in my mind….

              • Lol,I noticed his so-called “sharp eyes” – the contact though was so disorienting – then those great cheek bones but I was hooked as soon as he opened his mouth coz he reminded me of Eminem. The whole NM experience spoke to me on so many levels it was just brilliant.

                • That contact…is not what you wear when you’re trying to look your best. It makes one eye look bigger than the other and like it’s bulging out of his head.

                  That video is entirely ridiculous, so of course I watched it multiple times. Then I moved onto “Nalina,” and I was INCREDIBLY disappointed because the two songs sound similar, and I was like, “They only have one sound! God that sucks!!!” Then I decided that the very strength of that emotional reaction meant that I should delve further, and I heard “Mental Breaker,” which had me in the first five seconds (and then I could enjoy “Nalina,” because it turned out that they didn’t just have one sound after all).

                  Later that evening, I was wondering if I was just going to really like these guys, or if this was going to turn into some Buffy-level addiction, and I heard “Treat You Better.” I was like, “Addiction it is!”

                  • I’m actually pretty obsessed w/NM ! I watched Nalina as my 2nd video too but I was full of trepidation the 1st time I saw it. I didn’t have any idea what they were all about,it was so dark & gritty,then there’s this good looking guy flicking a lighter & Zico handcuffs the girl to his wrist & takes her down that hallway – I was like : What are they going to Do to her….Match Up Return is what really attached me to them as a group. It’s the funniest thing I think I’ve ever seen & I was like oh,they’re just a bunch of goof balls,how can I possibly resist…

              • Really?! I guess I’m one of the few who actually liked his hairstyle and thought that he looks good, lol… From bigbang I also like Daesung’s voice the most, I got the thing with this kind of not clear and not pure voices, that’s why for me Taeyang voice is kind of… well boring, the guy can sing definitely but I’m not impressed 😉 and maybe I’m wrong but P.O’s voice is deeper compared to T.O.P’s? I like both though

                well I checked some BTS songs and the only thing I like was refrain part from Danger and August D mixtapes

                • P.O’s voice is definitely deeper,that’s probably why I like it better. Taeyang’s voice doesn’t match his looks,it’s gentler than I would suspect it of being. I agree though,his voice is nice but doesn’t have a stand out quality that identifies it. That’s one of the things I like about Zico,I know him when I hear him.

                  Speaking of KARD,I just wish Co-Ed School was still around.

      • Totally with you on “Spring Day.” (I guess I should try listening to Cross Gene. I liked that KARD song–sometimes it’s worth it for me to venture out of KHH.) But definitely take a break if the K-Pop drama is wearing you down–it should be entertainment, not work!

        • It is It seems to be aimed at anyone who says they’re new to Block B & I only found 1 more recent one. So the others are buried down/in thread unless yt considered them spam & removed them. It didn’t seem to be done in an annoying fashion,just like someone trying to help out new people. Yeah,I quit reading when I start getting perturbed,it can be difficult to separate info from garbage & I generally know when I’ve had enough. I might try listening to SD w/out watching it. I sometimes have to do that when the mv is too distracting. When I saw the guy w/his head on the RR track I was out,like just no,huh-uh…I like RM well enough but if he’s responsible for this emo bs I wish he’d get over it. I want another War Of Hormone type song. Try “Not a Boy,Not Yet a Man” by Cross Gene. I read they’re quite popular in Japan.

          • Shoot them an e-mail–it may be a nonissue like it is for me, or it could be something that can get expensive.

            I usually “watch” videos by having them play behind whatever it is I’m working on–unless a video is really funny or something, I tend to find them annoying, and they distract me from forming an opinion about the song itself.

            • I sent a short email,so if they weren’t aware of it they will be now. Ugh,I can’t keep my sites strait – you’d have laughed,when I 1st found the dang dorks I kept calling them B Block like they were in prison…I don’t look at videos til after I’ve listened a lot of times. K-pop seems particularly distracting. I almost passed on Very Good & Jackpot because the visuals were so overwhelming. It was the next day when I was driving down the road & suddenly heard P.O yelling “beoldeura deo sege ureo wengweng…” in my head that I decided I’d better go listen to VG just one more time to be sure………

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