If you’re wondering how plugged in K-Pop reporters are


In response to articles like this, My Korean Husband put up this video:

Bwa-ha-ha! Yeah, keep in mind that it’s not like the English-language sites actually have boots on the ground, and it’s not like the Korean-language sites actually do any reporting.


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  1. Cool,maybe she can tell us the actual fate YG has in mind for MOBB….she seems as reliable as anything else I’ve read/heard…….

      • That’s why I don’t want to put much credit into an “article” on Koreaboo from mid-Jan. & headless chicken squawking on yt. Supposedly YG isn’t going to let Bobby & Mino do Mobb again because they didn’t chart well (?). They did however win something at SMA,so I’m hoping that might help keep their options open. Hit Me is one of those songs that finds me reaching for the repeat button, I’d love them to have the chance to come up w/more of that. They do need a logo that doesn’t look like Mommy sideways tho..

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