U-Kwon is a mutant. Possibly for nukes.


Explain this some other way,

especially given that EVERYONE ELSE is showing obvious and understandable signs of jet-lag and fatigue.

I apologize: I didn’t want to reveal this before for fear of prejudice, but anyone remember the show Dark Angel? In which Jessica Alba (and many others) were humans whose DNA had been augmented with animal DNA as part of some unconscionable experiment?

He’s telling us something….


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  1. This fanvid also shows U-Kwon on what looks like a radio show doing his animal impressions starting around the 2:45 mark. I’ve always been particularly impressed w/his pig sounds! I’m always happy that fans share concert footage,it’s so nice to get a glimpse. Kwonnie looks like he’s having a blast,Jaehyo’s earpiece came out & was flapping around the back & I love that they’re all dressed randomly like they just stopped by on their way to practice.

  2. Ahh, so that what the show was about, when I was watching I didn’t quite get the animal part… Oh god I remember watching it mostly because of Jessica, she was(still is) stunning in that…

    • Yeah, I felt like they had that as the premise, and then decided it was inconvenient, because these characters would crop up with just random superpowers…..

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