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This video is pretty cool in general, but if I knew how to GIF, I’d GIF U-Kwon at this moment here:

With the background, he looks like he’s getting electrocuted or something.

Anyway, we’ve been getting some coverage of Block B’s European tour in European news outlets (along with the expected coverage in Korean and K-Pop outlets). Interestingly enough, this time around we didn’t get coverage (at least not that I could find) in Finland. I assume that’s because Block B is less novel there now.

They are still new in other countries, so there was a story in Amsterdam’s Metro before the show that was focused on K-Pop and its growing popularity there. In Lisbon, My Sound ran a photo of the concert with a blurb about the group, as well as K-Pop’s growing popularity there. (…I sense a theme…) And Sabado did a piece that focused on the enthusiasm of the fans but largely managed to avoid making them sound like a pack of lunatics, which is always good.

ETA: Oh, and duh, I wanted to put this up:


Traffic remains elevated, and it’s a lot of focus on the Links page, which I hope means that people are getting plugging into all the social media and the fanbases and generally LETTING BLOCK B TAKE OVER THEIR BRAINS. It’s well worth it.


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  1. There are not that many fan cams from the Finnish concert because the Finnish BBCs were very strict about the “no cameras & no filming” policy and calling fans who do so “idiots” (on the Facebook Block B Helsinki page). AND they were saying that the allmighty Zico himself said he’s against taking pics at gigs. Apparently Finnish BBCs were trying to stop other fans taking pics/video at the concert… Finns always take rules very literally… I’m a Finn myself but these sort of restrictions are annoying because A) lots of people/fans don’t get to go to these gigs because of where they live and/or lack of money (myself included) and watching fan cams is the only way to enjoy the concert. And B) there was no need to call other BBCs idiots.

    • Obviously there’s no cause for rudeness (and they’re exaggerating Zico’s position), but some venues are VERY strict with the rules–at the San Francisco concert security threw people out for filming. And during one of Block B’s Japanese tours, they put up a notice telling people that if they filmed, the chain of halls where they were performing would never work with them again!

      I have mixed feelings about fan cams. I enjoy watching the good ones, but I’ve certainly had my view blocked by cameras, and when you see a fan cam that is just footage of a bunch of other cameras…why do people bother? I wonder sometimes if concert organizers shouldn’t find some kind of compromise–create a fan-cam zone or something. With In the Heights and some of the other musicals, they prohibit filming–but then they do an encore number that people are allowed to film, which strikes me as a good middle ground.

  2. Don’t know where to leave this. 7 Seasons announced P.O can’t finish the tour due to ” health issues”. I just hope he’ll be ok & it’s nothing too serious. They did a V App from Lisbon & he didn’t come out until the very end,maybe he was not feeling well then. His health is more important than anything.

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