My goodness!


The Japanese version of “Yesterday” is on Amazon for pre-order–along with the limited editions! It’s on Prime and everything.

OK–I mean, it made sense for My Zone to be there, because that had original music, but “Yesterday”? There’s just one song on the CD, and it’s just a Japanese version of, you know, “Yesterday.” (ETA: Oh, OK–they’ve released more information, and there are actually two songs, plus the limited editions have the Japanese version of “Walkin’ in the Rain.”)

I wonder if they’re going to do that with all their Japanese releases now? Maybe they’ll all be on regular iTunes, too–that would seriously rock.

I’m almost through the second disc of the Block B Japan Live DVD–it’s good! Not a lot of bells and whistles (or subtitles) on the DVDs, but they contain two very nice live concerts that are actually quite different from each other. (I guess I should note that they are region 2–I’ve set up the DVD player hooked up to my computer to play that region.)

ETA: Just finished it–man, that Jaehyo can sure chuck a towel!


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  1. I would be quite happy if Amazon or somebody in the US would start offering more k-pop merch in general. Last year I bought B’ifferent & the Jackpot production dvd’s through them (no Prime). They were pricey as hell but there’s so much behind the scenes stuff & it’s all subbed so I found it to be worth every penny!

    • Yeah, it’s especially nice that they’re doing Prime, because then you don’t have to wait forever/pay an arm and a leg for stuff to be shipped over from Asia. I hope they keep it up and do more stuff–I ordered the Live 2016 Blockbuster CD through Amazon, but it wasn’t Prime, so it will be coming sometime…in the next few months…can’t tell ya when, exactly….

  2. It’s hilarious to watch them redo the whole mv in japanese.but I am still amazed at how synchronized it is compared to the original version. cela dit, I wonder why there is never like a totally different visual version of the mv. That would be an occasion to diverse things a little.

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