Thanks, Trump


Well, I was wonderings when all the border bullshit would affect K-Pop, and yeah: Artists couldn’t get into South by Southwest, and JerrykMusic is saying that Don Malik’s group dealt with some racist crap as well. (I once saw a TSA agent call an entirely inoffensive older Asian gentleman a “fucking Chink”–this was maybe 10 years ago?–so I don’t find that account unbelievable. These are the same lovely people who handcuffed a 5-year-old, for Christ’s sake.)

This is on top of what Dean dealt with just after the election, so–yeah. The wonderful folks “protecting” America’s borders are really feeling their oats these days (and things will get even better once Trump finishes eviscerating the budget of the agency that actually does most of the drug interdiction).

So: Don’t be shocked if a whole lot of K-Pop groups decide to stick to touring Europe for the time being. It’s what the tourists are doing.


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  1. Tourists are not coming much to France though, the climate isn’t really good and it is not getting any better… So do the kpop groups come overhere knowing about the current situation or do they haveno idea?… ^^’ (and in that case I won’t be the one revealing the gruesome truth… ^^)

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