This is a dish I’ve been meaning to make for ages but haven’t yet–well, now when I do it, I’ll have a tune to hum. I was also delighted to realize that there’s a dedicated Dingo Food channel.

Anyway, you may have noticed that Block B is in Japan and just finished filming for Premium MelodiX, which is apparently a pretty popular variety and music television show in Japan. They’ve actually got quite a bit lined up in terms of TV and Web appearances for the upcoming release of the Japanese version of “Yesterday”–I’m guessing that getting booked for that 13,000-seat concert has been pretty helpful, plus it would suggest that the Korean version of “Yesterday” has done pretty well in Japan already. It’s nice to see the ball still rolling in that market.


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  1. I loved this!

    So, Dingo is a Korean or Japanese site? And are they doing a CF?

    I”m excited for their Japan activities, even though I was hoping they’d get those Chinese yuan.

      • I swear Mino is morphing into G-Dragon…Why can’t ads look like this in the US, I might actually pay attention to them.

        • Yeah–I mean, we’re probably not seeing the really cheap, crappy Korean TV ads, but it does seem like the cinematography can be really nice. This one:

          has almost 5 1/2 million views!

          • Yeah,I’m one of those 5.5 mill,I always watch Zico’s ads! I liked the ones he did for that watch co & the photo shoot for LensNine was just about other worldly. He makes all these products look good.

  2. Also,Jaehyo apparently won a pair of gaming headphones for beating his Game Show teammates in Starcraft. Hope they’re good ones.

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