A random and arbitrary guide to Block B concert DVDs


It’s no secret (and hopefully no surprise) that I think Block B is freakin’ awesome live–I post fan cams from concerts on BlockB.com in no small part because just I love watching them. (Oh, no, I mean I do it because I have to–for you! Yes, poor old martyr me, making such sacrifices….)

As a result of this enthusiasm, I have all the concert DVDs that Block B has put out since their emancipation from Stardumb. The 2016 Blockbuster DVD arrived recently, so I watched it last night, and I was thinking, “This is so great–you know, if someone was only going to buy one Block B DVD, this should be the one.”

Then I thought, “But I really liked the Japanese one that just came out. And, oh God, the Very Good showcase with all the weeping! And the 2014 Blockbuster one! Who can choose?”

(You see why I don’t have a favorite member….)

The thing is, these DVDs are usually pretty pricey, so it would make sense for someone to just buy one. But which one is best?

As always, what is best depends on what you like–if your favorite songs all came out after 2014, for example, the earlier DVDs are probably not for you. So I thought I’d just run down the various concert DVDs and note what they have and what they don’t have.

For the record: They all contain photo books.

Block B ‘B’ifferent Very Good Production DVD

Concert: The 2013 Very Good showcase in Seoul

Buy if you want: A good cry!

Don’t buy if you must have: Lots of live music–this was a showcase, so the concert itself is only a little over a hour long.

The tears, though…. This is the emotional DVD–it’s all about the group’s resurrection in 2013. Have some hankies ready! There are two discs, one containing the showcase, in which they cry and cry, and the second containing behind-the-scenes footage of the “Very Good” and “Be the Light” videos, plus (sniff) a little documentary (sniff) about how they feel (sniffsniffsniff) about coming back from such hardship (weeping) and how much they appreciate that people did not give up on them (ugly crying).

Block B 1st Concert Blockbuster

Concerts: The 2014 Blockbuster concert in Seoul (held in May) and the 2014 Blockbuster: Remastering concert in Seoul (held in November)

Buy if you want: Two full-length concerts!

Don’t buy if you must have: Both concerts equally well shot.

This DVD actually contains three discs–the first Blockbuster concert covers two of them, with the second disc also containing behind-the-scenes footage. The third disc contains the Blockbuster Remastering concert, but for some reason it wasn’t shot that professionally, which is disappointing because it is the more-elaborate concert.

Japan Live DVD Block B The “Warugaki” Live Package 2015

Concerts: A 2015 Happy New Year Live Show and a 2015 Warugaki Showdown Z show.

Buy if you want: Two concerts–one indoors and one outdoors!

Don’t buy if you must have: Subtitles or extras; a multi-Region DVD (it’s Region 2).

Both concerts were held in Tokyo in 2015, but they are very different from each other. The Happy New Year Live Show on the first disc was an indoor show held in January, so it’s got lots of bells and whistles. The Warugaki Showdown Z show on the second disc was an outdoor concert held in May: The special effects are pared way down, but it’s really got that festival feel and the audience is having a ball. There are no extras or subtitles, but they don’t do much talking during the concerts anyway (and what they do say mostly seems to revolve around the fact that they don’t speak Japanese very well).

Block B 2106 Live Concert Blockbuster

Concert: The 2016 Live Blockbuster in Seoul

Buy if you want: A spectacle!

Don’t buy if you must have: Loads of extras.

This was Block B’s big stadium show, and they really went all out. Lasers! Explosions! Elaborate sets! I mean, yeah, no one flies in on a harness or anything, but other than that–this is the show that you don’t see when they travel (which is why my first reaction was that this should be the DVD people buy). It’s one concert that takes two discs, with only a little behind-the-scenes film as the extra.

So, I hope that’s helpful to people. All of them are great, of course, but they’re all great in slightly different ways….

ETA: I guess I will just update this post as new concert DVDs come out.

2018 Blockbuster Montage

Concert: The 2018 Blockbuster Montage concert in Seoul

Very much like the 2016 Blockbuster DVD, this is a big stadium show. One concert takes two discs, and there is just one behind-the-scenes film as an extra. Which should you buy? I’d argue it depends on which songs you’d rather see performed. Unless you really love fire: Either the laws changed or the venue was more uptight about safety, so there’s less actual fire and more confetti in this show than in the 2016 one.


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  1. I have B’ifferent & can second the fact that the showcase is a hankiefest.If you love Block B at all grab a box of Kleenex! I was crying just because the fans held up the signs,then Kyung killed me – in a good way..those were real,raw emotions.

    • It was quite something!

      Of course they went on to make savage fun of it in their later concerts…. (“Shall we cry?” “Do you want us to cry?” “If we cry, you’ll just say, ‘Don’t cry!'”)

      • I took a look & tbh it makes me suspicious. There’s such a thing as being too cheap,haha! I get wary when I see something w/a price so different from the average cost,it could be a bootleg or something. Amazon I don’t think checks the source of every vendor,I know I’ve seen complaints about beauty products being knock-offs. I paid $52 & change for B’ifferent so $20 just seems “off”,it’s my inate skepticism…

        • I agree that the price is waaaay off–every other listing there is $50+! If it was being sold by a third-party vendor, I’d assume it’s a bootleg, but it’s being sold by Amazon.com, so…. At least with their return policy you could get your money back if it was dodgy.

  2. I really really want to buy, but I am waiting to their comeback so I can purchase Park Kyung’s album, the concert DVD and their new mini (maybe full) album. Last year I got too excited to buy everything and bought separated and I think I paid more than 200 dollars just in delivery fee. So since I work hard for my money and not willing to be spending that much in just fees I’ll wait for more stuff out to order. My zone alone was pricey cause of that. Living in Brazil is tough for a kpop fan. 😦
    I wanted to buy the mini lightstick too cause is cute but is hard to find everything being sold together.

      • I have being trying to know more brazilian fans here even to feel confident about doing that, but seems the “fandom” here is half dead. I even started using twitter to check more often in info about the group and all, still didn’t find many brazilian bbc. I mean, there are for sure but is incredibly weak even finding translated stuff to portuguese is very little. I saw one time a bulk order but since I don’t see a very organized fandom here I can’t just give them money out of blue and wait. That’s the sux part in block b fan club being small, here is even smaller. Brazilians are famous for multi fandom and loving nugus.

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