The Japanese versions of “Yesterday” and “Walkin’ in the Rain” are on regular iTunes!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!

And there’s even more going on now in Japan than there was a week ago when I was already excited: Block B has been booked for K-Con Japan, plus their release showcase, which had quite a few celebrity guests (including Jun Utahiroba yet again–at first I thought he might be expressing support to keep King Records happy, but at this point I think he’s just genuinely a big fan), wound up being covered by an apparently pretty well-known Japanese entertainment news program, so that’s pretty awesome.

And Block B is holding a concert in Taiwan in a 4,200-seat venue. They’ve been doing really well in Taiwan with music sales, but they haven’t actually been there in ages, and that was at a much smaller venue.

All good things!

ETA: You know, so far they’ve only released one of the three editions of the Japanese Yesterday on iTunes Japan and Recochoku. Maybe they’re actually hoping to chart well digitally this time, instead of splitting the sales among a bunch of different editions?

Of course, they’ve still got the same problem they always have:

They’re competing against the Korean version of their own release….


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