Now he’s just taunting me



I would whine about Block B Style not covering them, but they provide such quality entertainment that I can’t.

A revolution in spelling!

This was not made by a six-year-old.


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  1. I was wondering why U-kwon didn’t manage to be casted in the second series of Lipstick Prince, but what I understand from first episode of the new series he and Doyoung(NCT), according to Heechul, graduated, they became a pro, lol.This or they just thought that two guys from the same group is too much…hope this time someone will subb hole series

    • I feel like the show was kind of an odd fit for U-Kwon, though. Not just the makeup part (or the lack of dance), but the whole lovey-dovey “get close to a beautiful woman while everyone ooohs and aaahs” bit. I don’t think they would have cast P.O without U-Kwon at the outset (since he had a higher profile at the time), but I’m not terribly shocked that P.O stayed while U-Kwon moved on–he’d probably really rather do another musical.

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