WHO is always talking shit about people?


I realize that it’s April Fool’s Day, and I should be clever and come up with some funny prank that people will take completely seriously and that will haunt me for the rest of my days.

But (as you may have gathered) I’m feeling tired and cranky, and all I want to do is complain. (If you want funny April Fool’s Day stuff, Block B United outdid themselves this year–be sure to click on the links.)

So, what am I going to complain about? A certain pattern I have detected in the dumb i-netz reaction to our favorite eater of children, Zico.

Situation #1

Zico: Posts a Tweet saying that it seems like just about anyone feels they can call themselves a singer/songwriter these days.

Some idiot[s]: Reposts it to OneHallyu with a headline saying that Zico was specifically targeting the group Pristin. A moderator rewrites the headline, noting, “Changed your click-bait title. They are not acceptable.”

Dumb i-netz conclude: Zico is always talking shit about people.

Situation #2

Zico: Does absolutely nothing.

Some idiot[s]: Writes an English-language diss “by” Zico targeting Rap Monster and Chanyeol.

Dumb i-netz conclude: Zico is always talking shit about people.

Situation #3

Zico: Releases a song in which he says that his work is used to instruct rookie rappers who then try to use his name to further their own careers.

Some idiot[s]: Say that he is specifically targeting That Jooheon Kid from Monsta X, even though there is nothing specific in the song, because they don’t like Jooheon or Monsta X very much.

Dumb i-netz conclude: Zico is always talking shit about people.

Situation #4

Zico: Does absolutely nothing.

Some idiot[s]: Start an idol rapper diss battle. Zico is mentioned by Bobby as being a skilled rapper.

Dumb i-netz conclude: Zico is always talking shit about people.

Situation #5

Zico: Does absolutely nothing.

Some idiot[s]: Start the “Control” feud. Deepflow mentions Zico as someone who has made money from hip-hop; ApheLiA says he is both jealous of and hates Zico’s many female fans.

Dumb i-netz conclude: Zico is always talking shit about people.

It’s awfully convenient that Zico is always the only one talking shit about people, isn’t it? It means that the dumb i-netz don’t have to bother trying to figure out what the fuck is actually going on–they can just blame Zico and mindlessly parrot whatever fantastical lies have been invented, because it’s always his fault anyway, right? It’s certainly not like they’re fucking miserable hypocrites or anything.

The thing is, I personally don’t mind it a bit when Zico actually does diss people–I love a good diss–but it almost never happens. And Zico hasn’t dissed a fellow rapper since he was Nacseo. He’ll rip into haters and stalkers, but other musicians–no. For whatever reason, that’s just something he doesn’t do.


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  1. Maybe Zico is looking at this from a business standpoint,like You never know who you’re going to want to collaborate with in the future so why stir shit just for no reason. I doubt he has the time or desire to diss nugu girl groups like Pristin,it’s an obvious troll job. Most of my faves get netz in an uproar,I could probably find anti comments about at least one of them every single day. Honestly it’s to the point where I often rather enjoy it…So it’s best just to approach it by saying,Zico-how would you like your children today,barbecued or deep fried…..

    • Exactly: Why stir shit at all, really, especially if you’re already famous? Publishing was like that–it was a TINY world, and if you were an ass, everyone knew about it. And Zico has done quite well for himself working with nugus–“Flower Road” is still on Gaon, FFS.

      The hard-core haters are amusing to me, but it does annoy me when people are gullible and naive. They’ve heard that Zico is bad, so whatever he does must be bad, even though they don’t know anything about him and can’t evaluate what’s being said. Someone might be making stuff up about him, but that isn’t unfair, because that same someone told you he’s bad, and they couldn’t possibly have an agenda. Like, quit being such a fucking child, you know?

      • Yeah,but those ppl obviously aren’t thinking for themselves so they get influenced by the opinions of others. Maybe they are young & they’ll grow out of it,maybe not,some people are born sheep. The ones who do this hate on Zico for reasons I can only figure are they feel their bias is so threatened by Z’s talent that they have to try to bring him down in some feeble attempt to protect oppar. It’s pathetic really,especially when you see it pop up in a thread that’s not even about Zico & suddenly someone is barfing out “so problematic just like Zico he’s a trash smh”..I just hope for his own sake he’s got a thick skin.

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