Career goals


Not only has Jaehyo managed to appear on the cover of a fishing magazine and to get cast on a show where he plays video games, he got to make the first pitch for the Lotte Giants!

Good throw!

He also stole a duck’s hat and made her cry…oh, Jaehyo….

ETA: He definitely has fun at these things!


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  1. I have to admit, even though I’m his huge fan, and basically crossed the Atlantic to see him on stage, Jaehyo is a weird kid.

    I just can’t get over his patience: don’t do any work until the right work comes along. And by “right,” exactly what Jaehyo wants to do.

    • There’s a legitimate debate about the whole “follow your passion” thing, but with me, anyway, whenever I’ve tried to be sensible, do something normal, and =not= do what I’m really excited and motivated about, it’s never gotten off the ground. So, maybe Jaehyo’s had a similar experience, and at this point has just decided that a normal entertainment career is not for him–he tried normal, and he has the knee surgery scars to show for it, so why not be weird?

  2. I love that he looks the part & he totally Killed It. I’ve seen many abysmal first pitches but this one was first rate. Plus his Instagram is awesome,he seems to really understand the concept & use it to full effect.

    • Yeah, he must have played a lot of sports as a kid, because he often has a surprising level of skill.

      I think (like Jay Park) he’s really good with social media–rumor has it that he was doing Block B’s in their Stardumb days. And he’s good at coming up with stuff (like his CCTV) that you might not think would work but totally does work.

      • Xiumin from EXO must’ve done one too,I saw pix of him in a Twins jersey so maybe the KBO had some sort of kpop idol night ? No,I don’t understand written Korean at all & maybe a handful of spoken words. There is a brief “translation” which sometimes makes things more muddled but his posts have a personal quality that feels like he’s actually sharing something w/the fans.

        • Yeah, that was his thinking with the CCTV V Apps, too–he really enjoyed it when he was younger and celebrities shared some of the day-to-day things of their lives, so he wanted to do the same.

          • He’s doing a good job then,it’s not boring & it’s relatable to the vast majority of people who aren’t collecting artwork,expensive cars & jetsetting. He seems to have taken down the videos of his night out w/Taeil & Ukwon where they appeared to be drunk…I guess I can figure why but they were pretty funny.

              • The thing is I don’t think Jaehyo was drunk or at least as drunk as – it looked like Taeil was the one who fell over passed out in the office chair…

                • Did you see the V App with Kyung where he called them and they’d been drinking? Taeil was seriously not making a lot of sense. I think he tries to keep up with everyone but he just doesn’t have the body mass/tolerance.

                  • Yeah,I did see it. That’s why I figure it had to be him that was crashed backwards on that chair. It was hard to tell from the angle but it looked like he leaned back & tipped over. He was just laying there feebly moving his legs while J was being the videographer….really funny stuff unless you’re the one passed out. I can just imagine the reaction later that day…

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