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So much pastel. But it’s awesome.

It’s a bit like “A Few Years Later” for me, where it starts off as a regular ballad and then becomes something much more interesting.

It’s also interesting how people’s inability to understand Korean and their reliance on visual cues is coloring their take on the song. They’re like, “Oh, it’s so soft and sweet, but why does it end so abruptly?” But guys, the song is basically saying, If you leave your girlfriend alone for long, I’m going to fuck her. And it ends abruptly because the last line is the revelation of both the boyfriend and the fact that this is not a normal love song after all….

Keeping it real.


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  1. I saw this mv at 7am & the first thing that came to mind was the over used,over wrought phrase “I’M SHOOK”…The visuals are A-mazing!! I don’t usually care a lot about whether I understand what’s being said,sometimes I look eventually out of curiosity,but this is one of the few I took time to look up immediately & I found the same translation you posted in the link. Suffice to say I about snorted my coffee out my nose…I just love him!

    • Definitely a ballad with a twist…. (I saw another translation out there, too–I’ll have to add it.) And apparently it got past the censors, so double bonus points to him!

    • Ah, I can’t find the other translation, but when I was looking for it I discovered this, which is pretty hysterical. It’s like, half the people are all, I see testicles!!! and the other half are, Come on, guys! When he says “I’m so jealous of your boyfriend” he’s JUST referring to himself in the third person! What else could it be? Also, you can’t possibly be singing about something you’re not actually experiencing at that moment!

  2. omg…”sweet love song”….”what’s that in the crotch”….I’m involuntarily embarrassed for these people…Is he made like a Ken Doll ? I wonder if they actually understood the words before deciding it was “sweet” or if it’s an inet assuming it must be coz things are pastel & squishy & those bunnies have Easter eggs & aren’t going to “fuck like rabbits”….”Softer image” my ass,he’s just flying under the radar here & I’m getting a kick out it!

    • I have to say, to me the silver lining of censorship is watching people get around it. It’s one of my favorite things about the Marx Brothers–they managed to get some awesomely perverted stuff (a threesome with a horse!) past they Hayes Code.

      • Yes! The Marx Bros were masters of it too! There are a lot of those sort of Easter egg type references in those old movies when you read up on it or just start looking to catch things.

      • As a Marx Brothers fan, I never would have thought that this would be referenced in a Block B blog! This makes me soooo happy! While we are on that topic, two of my favorite moments in which they got away which perverted stuff was the Harpo as the dogcatcher in “Horse Feathers” and taking pictures of the native girls line in “Animal Crackers”

  3. Well I also thought that it is sweet mv and song, but I never search for hidden meaning or sth like that… anyway the video reminds me of something , like I’ve seen this before, paintings I don’t know how to explain this and it’s driving me crazy…

    • The house he walks up to at the beginning reminds me of a painting I’ve seen many times, but I couldn’t tell you who did it. And the hyper-green grass reminds me of “Blue Velvet”–but they use that effect a lot in cute-concept K-Pop videos, so….

      • Escher maybe? He was big on steps. The part where it shows them sitting in the room like a diorama reminds me of something but I can’t put my finger on it. And then there’s this from allkpop :
        “It seems to be a toned down, melodic piece that can reflect a new side of the Block B member. Zico also explained that when he was working on the song, it felt like he was petting the soft fur of an animal.”….

        • There’s definitely something Escher-esque about it, but I’m thinking of a painting of a white building with that kind of pink/blue background.

          Zico’s explanations of his process are always bizarre. Like, does he mean it, or is he just fucking with people?

          • Yeah, the beginning, and this part where they sit in the room really bugs me…ahh…, but the whole video somewhow in general. Tbh I don’t watch a lot of kpop mvs so that’s not it, well I guess I have to watch it till it clicks…

            he does have some pets, so maybe both..

          • I’m remembering some perfume ad of a woman swimming in a pool from your description – free form association,wut…?! Re: his process I begin to wonder if it’s not the latter. On Z’s Ig he put up a video clip of Beenzino looking at it & someone translated (I’m taking their word for it) his reaction as: it reminds me of a white cat & a white curtain..

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