FYI: If you’re thinking about buying physical CDs


I link to retailers over on, and while I’ll occasionally go through and check the links, I don’t do that all the time.

Which means that I was quite surprised the other day when I was poking through YouTube and thought, “Oh, this looks interesting! I wonder what she has to say!”

Aaaannnd discovered that a bunch of the CDs are now out of print!

So, yeah, I had to do some editing over there. This has happened before–when Block B was resurrected back in October 2013, Seven Seasons drastically underestimated demand for Very Good, so there was a short period right after its release where you couldn’t find that CD to save your life. Then Stardumb let months go by before getting more copies of Block B’s older albums made. But unlike before, this is affecting CDs from both labels in pretty much the same way, which makes me wonder if there’s not something going on with the CD manufacturers.

Anyway, like she said, the regular edition of H.E.R, Very Good, and the Repackage version of Welcome to the Block (which has more songs than the regular version) are now in short supply. You can still find them on places like Amazon (and the special edition of H.E.R is still everywhere), but you may have to get them used or pay quite a bit for them (which is kind of a gamble, since these aren’t limited editions and the labels can always get another batch made).


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