No, I’m not on Instagram


I’m getting people clicking over to from Instagram, which would be totally cool if it was people on Instagram saying, “I love Block B! Learn about them here!” or something, but what I’ve found has been a little odd.

So, just to clarify:

  • is NOT the official Block B website. That is here.
  • Unless gets hacked or something, I am solely responsible for its content–the website is not a group endeavor, I have no assistants, and there is no “they” there. If you want something changed or have a question, please contact me via the form located on the FAQs page–don’t engage with some rando.
  • I can’t control whether or not people link to, so I just have to say that even if the people link there in a way that seems to imply that they have some affiliation with or control over that website, they do not.’s theme songs!


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