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Well, I feel stupid


The woman here:

Is Lee Bada, not “Eve” as I stupidly put on I read “이바,” managed to confuse her with BOTH Eden and Lucy (from KQ Produce), and…I’ll blame it on the jet lag and the fact I was updating late at night.

Anyway: My apologies to Miss Lee. You sang well!




Taeil is doing a solo album! And apparently he’s actually going to promote it this time…you know, unlike last time. Don’t strain anything, Taeil!

ETA: Soompi is translating this as saying that Taeil will be personally running his own marketing. That…could be interesting…. (Will he market to fish?)

Odd bits


I’m traveling, so I’m updating when I can (which, come to think of it, is also what I do when I’m not traveling).

And of course I’m being presented with some weird quandary that I’m maybe not in a good position to evaluate: Zico’s making a university appearance. I’m never quite sure what to do with those things–I used to err on the side of putting pretty much any appearance on the schedule page just to let fans know that the group was working. But now that they’re so successful, I tend not to so much because I think (but am never quite sure) that university appearances are supposed to be limited to students. The same thing has happened with fan-only events, or album signings, or ones where you have to do 47 different things to maybe win a chance to see the group–if stuff is supposed to be limited to a certain audience (other than: people who bought tickets), I feel like putting it up could even cause trouble because people who aren’t supposed to be there could just show up. So that’s my logic right now, in case you were just DYING to know,

And this is kind of interesting: Two of the Korean fan photographers are going to be doing some kind of exhibition. I just want to throw that out there to emphasize that just because someone is a “fan” photographer doesn’t mean that they’re not a very, very serious photographer–a lot of them sell their work and the like.

Oh, and K-Con Japan is getting me some good traffic–both right after it was held and after it was broadcast on television. Nice!

This is why I’m paranoid!


This is why I’m so particular about what I put on’s Schedule page. These people are out there….

Just tallying this up


So, it’s just May? And so far P.O has been cast or re-cast as a recurring member of five different variety shows–well, one’s just a pilot, but considering how it did, I’d be surprised if it didn’t get picked up. (Most recently he’s become an MC for The Show–he did that five years ago, but the difference this time is that his label isn’t going to steal his salary….) Plus he’s been cast on a drama, and his theater group is doing another show!

Not bad!

So, there’s that, there’s Zico on the upcoming season of Show Me the Money, Park Kyung on Problematic Men (which is doing so well that the network is sending the cast to Thailand for what Google Translate calls “a reward vacation”–as in, it’s not being filmed for an episode, it’s an actual vacay), and Jaehyo continuing to prove that his hobbies are surprisingly bankable on Game Show. Plus Jaehyo and B-Bomb filmed some kind of travel show together–I’m doubly excited about that because it puts things one step closer to my dream Block B edition of The Amazing Race (which, for the record, would be combined with a world concert tour)!

Anyway, I’m glad to see all that. It’s another income stream, shows make lucrative endorsements more likely, and…it’s about time, really. This is a group that first made its mark with a television show, and their shows have always done well (and been very funny) despite all the bullshit.