Oh, yes, a “clean” win


This just makes me laugh.

5. [+154, -3] If [LABOUM are] really “clean”, then they should be winning #1 because their fans and the public truly enjoy their music and bought it to lead to their win. An ad company bulk buying their album for promotional use is not a “clean” win.

6. [+138, -4] Even if that ad company really did buy all those CDs for promotional use, what meaning would winning like that actually have?? You should know that your win was not because people actually enjoyed your song and bought your music

Yes, LABOUM should have won their exceedingly prestigious Music Bank trophy by having legions of zombie fans spending thousands of dollars each to buy hundreds of copies of their CDs, as well as spending countless hours streaming their songs and trending them on social media, because they honestly, truly believe–despite what everyone always tells them–that if they do all this for LABOUM, one of the members (or maybe more than one!) will marry them and save them from their miserable lives.

That would be the ethical thing.


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