That does sound familiar, doesn’t it?



It could be that both artists simply used the same sample, which is totally kosher if they both paid for the rights for it. And even if the dude just sampled “Toy” without permission, which is not legal, it may not be worth Seven Seasons’ time to shut him down. But given that the German song was released seven months after “Toy,” I wouldn’t be shocked if there was some, shall we say, inspiration there.

ETA 5/13/17: According to this (via @Veryhensemguy)

The guy bought the beat here thinking it was legit. Of course, now that he knows it’s not legit, he’s not taking it down, because logic!


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  1. Now I’m curious as to whether the instrumental in question is a sample or not because if it isn’t it sounds like he lifted it directly from Toy. His mv only has 22,000+ views but from the comments I can read dust is getting kicked up. Someone said this got put up on Instagram-? I know Eminem is suing some political party in New Zealand over using Lose Yourself in their ad. They say they bought it from some company as a sample…I think Zico’s voice is superior to Svenwhoever but that’s probably just my Block B bias showing..

    • It looks like BBCs discovered it sometime within the past 24 hours, and now…oops. He does have the song for sale on iTunes, though, so if he didn’t keep it legal, he can’t claim that he was never intending to make money off it.

      I always think it’s interesting when musicians get ticked that their music is being used for political campaigns–they can’t legally stop that from happening, even if they REALLY REALLY REALLY disagree with the politics.

      No shocker that I agree “Toy” is waaaaaay better–for starters, you can just do a whole lot more with seven vocalists….

      • I’ve been using Google translate for the most upvoted comments & German BBCs are letting him know in no uncertain terms they’re pissed. At this point he’s got more dislikes for the mv than likes & 2 hashtags have been created. I wouldn’t be surprised if 7 Seasons is getting email over this.

        • I hope Seven Seasons does find out about it–the language barrier can make alerting them kind of difficult, but if this guy did steal, he shouldn’t be able to do it with impunity. Block B does pretty well in Europe, so it’s not like there’s no market there for them to defend.

          • The ironic thing is the mv now has nearly 24,000 views but it’s being down voted to hell. If this actually started on Ig & has spread to Twitter Sven may end up regretting his choices. Even if the beginning of the song is a legit legal sample he used it in an extremely uncreative way.

    • Yeah, it’s always wise to keep it legal–I’ve had some semi-alarming conversations with newbie indie writers who don’t understand that commercial use is a whole ‘nuther animal….

    • ARMYs would’ve kicked his door down by now….If he really has stolen this music he could’ve at least picked a waaay less prominent song than Toy.

  2. Now I’m seeing K-BBCs talking about it–good. If Korean-speaking fans know about it, the chances of Seven Seasons knowing about it go way up….

  3. The artist has just deleted the video and the song is gone from iTunes. YAY. It’s still on some other platforms, but presumably on the way down. The silence on social media suggests that this was in fact infringement (though I guess deleting due to excessive hate comments remains a slim possibility). You’re probably right that this won’t see any legal action since the stuff has been deleted now and wasn’t very popular to begin with.

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