Just tallying this up


So, it’s just May? And so far P.O has been cast or re-cast as a recurring member of five different variety shows–well, one’s just a pilot, but considering how it did, I’d be surprised if it didn’t get picked up. (Most recently he’s become an MC for The Show–he did that five years ago, but the difference this time is that his label isn’t going to steal his salary….) Plus he’s been cast on a drama, and his theater group is doing another show!

Not bad!

So, there’s that, there’s Zico on the upcoming season of Show Me the Money, Park Kyung on Problematic Men (which is doing so well that the network is sending the cast to Thailand for what Google Translate calls “a reward vacation”–as in, it’s not being filmed for an episode, it’s an actual vacay), and Jaehyo continuing to prove that his hobbies are surprisingly bankable on Game Show. Plus Jaehyo and B-Bomb filmed some kind of travel show together–I’m doubly excited about that because it puts things one step closer to my dream Block B edition of The Amazing Race (which, for the record, would be combined with a world concert tour)!

Anyway, I’m glad to see all that. It’s another income stream, shows make lucrative endorsements more likely, and…it’s about time, really. This is a group that first made its mark with a television show, and their shows have always done well (and been very funny) despite all the bullshit.


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  1. When do we get that Jaehyo and B-Bomb show?

    It’s great P.O. and Zico are doing so well, but I feel sad nothing much is going on on the Jaehyo end. Like, how much fishing can he do?

  2. Just went to check out Ryan Sage’s other videos, and it looks like some of his other tracks have also received complaints (but not virally like the Toy track). He also got into a pretty amazing argument with a commenter/possible Svensprink supporter(?) on his latest video, where they ask him to make artists aware if his tracks have samples, and he calls them uneducated…

    [Sigh]… I just want to move on but I don’t want folks to drop the ball!

    • They may be uneducated, but he’s a crook! The fact that he’s managed to find a gullible dupe or two doesn’t change what he is….

      This is why Websites like Writer Beware exist–you can’t make these people evaporate, but you can at least make it more likely that potential victims will receive fair warning. YouTube comments like that actually do help–he’s marketing himself through YouTube, so fucking up his message there is quite useful.

      • His defensive/hostile stance was definitely crooked! Actually from doing some basic googling, it seems that commenter might actually make more sense….they said it was a legal gray area so he should make buyers aware of the samples used. His counter was that “everyone” was doing it and nobody gets sued for money. But even if the people using his beats aren’t getting sued for $$$, surely they never meant to waste their money on something that gets bad publicity and take-down notices? Ugh. At least this explains why he’s on Youtube and not Soundcloud (which has much stricter copyright policies).

        • I doubt very much that “everyone” is charging what he’s charging for music people can’t use. It’s one thing to put up a mixtape, it’s another to charge people $200 for something you don’t own.

        • What this reminds me of is how in self-publishing, there are people who will charge you thousands of dollars to convert your word processing file into an e-book, a task that is actually quite simple to do. In that case, what they’re doing is 100% legal, but it’s still a fucking scam–they’re just taking advantage of the gullible and ignorant. Ditto with the “extra-special car insurance for seniors” that my mother bought.

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