Let’s lighten things up here….


Zico is a spazz:

“It doesn’t smell like poo.” I reiterate: Korea’s #1 male CF model.

Kyung is also a spazz: He’s been posting things like “Buzz Buzz” and “Honeybees” on his Twitter for the past week or so. Today we found out why–he’s producing Taeil’s song. And Taeil is singing with Kim Sejeong, who sang “Flower Way” for Zico. I did a quick count of Gaon downloads for that song a couple of days ago, and it’s in the 800,000+ range, so yeah–it did really well.

And I’m pretty optimistic about Taeil’s upcoming release. I mean, you can’t ever predict these things with certainty, but I’ve been seeing consistently elevated traffic as news has come out about it, and hopefully it’s not all from people trying to make Taeil out to be a cokehead. Taeil is simply in a much better position than he was two years ago: At that point he hadn’t appeared much as a singer on Korean television, and when he did show up on things like Immortal Song 2 or King of Masked Singer after the release, the narrative was always, “Taeil from Block B can sing? I had no idea!”

These days, though, when he makes a television appearance he’s presented much more as someone people already know to be a good singer. So, he’s a celebrity you duet with on Duet Song Festival, or he’s a hidden card (i.e. celebrity ringer) on Singing Battle.

Anyway, fingers crossed. And at least this time if it doesn’t do well, he won’t be the only one to have had something flop.


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  1. The actual translation from Instagram was “Room Shit Gar” lol,I cracked up! I thought it might be men’s cologne & wondered what in the world was he talking about & did they actually pay him to say that.I didn’t really care what he was selling,he looks good in that pic!

    • I knew what it was immediately, ugh. I’ve been a bit traumatized by overly-explicit poo-odor-neutralizer commercials that you can’t fast-forward through on YouTube. (You spray it into the toilet before you crap, and that way no one will ever figure out why you were in the bathroom for so long. Maybe you were shooting up? Or you’re REALLY antisocial? Clearly anything is better than people assuming you have a normally-functioning digestive system.) I guess they figure that since I’m old, I must be their target market….

      • I don’t know how those ads have missed me,maybe I’m just not paying attention…I’m annoyed w/the tp ads on tv asking people how clean their “bums” are…ick.That’s not an image I really want to conjure up.Considering how often the members have complained about Kyung’s farting I’m surprised he hasn’t been approached for an anti-gas cf yet!

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