I approve!


If this is the kind of thing that’s going to result from Taeil being in charge of marketing, I say let’s have him do it for everything!


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  1. I saw this delightful little video on Ig this morning! I have a feeling this is going to a really good release for Taeil.I trust Park Kyung as a producer,I think he’s got the chops for it.

    • Yeah, I’m definitely seeing more traffic, so that makes me optimistic. Taeil does have a higher profile nowadays, and adding Sejeong and Kyung into the mix helps, too. Fighting!

  2. I looked for a teaser on Youtube this morning myself & found there was none.What I did find was that Zico has a clip of himself singing along to the song that he put on his Ig.I don’t know if you’d call that marketing exactly but it’s definitely supportive.I’m glad he did that because he gets a ton more traffic than Taeil does.The video of the cute kids has 51,986 views & the one of Zico driving & singing along has 215,962 views.Plus a lot of people are asking what is that song & others are answering,so hopefully it can garner Taeil attention & even some new fans w/people who might not otherwise have found it.

    • It’s doing well on the daily charts, so yeah–more complaining about “bad” marketing that actually works, as opposed to “good” marketing that doesn’t move product. In other words, Block B is doing too much in Japan again.

      • The stuff about Block B doing stuff in Japan “while korean fans get nothing” is so grating. I think some of the feedback aimed at SeSea is fine (e.g., have a larger social media presence), but the credibility of those comments are undermined when they’re lumped with salty complaints about japan promotions. Blah.

        Thankfully there’s plenty to celebrate! The song is great, it’s charting well, and we even got an unexpected live MV.

        • That’s that actual agenda, though–that and a lot of fantasy about how, if it just weren’t for mean old Seven Seasons (and SunHye!), the members would spend all their time with their FANS, in particular ONE fan, namely MEEEEEEEE!!!!! But these types of fans don’t feel like they can express their anger at the members for not being willing to fan-service them up the wazoo, so it gets directed at management.

          I mean, the lack of proportionality is just stunning: Yes, Seven Seasons could do a better job with their social media (not to mention their schedule page)–I’m very aware of all that–but not updating Block B’s Facebook header quickly enough for people is just not the same thing as actively attempting to sabotage Taeil’s career, and it’s ridiculous for people to act like it is.

          But Yay! for the song, and Yay! that Taeil is doing well. Yay! all that!

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