Be sure to objectify!


It’s that time of year again–time for Kpopalypse’s 2017 Objectification Survey!

You can vote for abs!



And overall attractiveness!

(In all seriousness, don’t forget to vote for this guy. It actually matters to him.)

ETA: Since the abs category also includes torsos, I thought I’d throw this one in for the alt-torso crowd:


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  1. But I stan oppar for talent !1!!1!! Srsly though,thanks for the link – so many visuals so few available spaces…

      • Lol,you mean it’s down to only 11,000 words now?! It’s a double edged sword to be sure but if he’s over the age of consent & takes his clothes off on stage,I’m gonna look…if I like what I see I’m gonna keep looking.I freely admit I stan Dong & Wang & it has nothing to do w/their musical ability….

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