So, Park Kyung is having a soundtrack song come out…and fuck my life, I hate these things! I won’t even put soundtracks on the Albums & Singles page!

Why? Because they’re completely fucking inconsistent about how they distribute them in the Western market! It’s as bad as the songs Zico did for Infinite Challenge–sometimes they wind up on iTunes, and sometimes they don’t! Sometimes there’s a video, and sometimes there isn’t!

Like with the show Park Kyung is doing, they did a video for the OST for part 1 and part 2, but not part 3 or part 4, so will they for Kyung’s part 5? No idea. Parts 1-3 are on iTunes, but part 4 isn’t yet, so will part 5 be? Especially any time close to the actual release?

This leaves me with nothing to link people to–nothing I can point them to that isn’t pirated. So I wind up either having to ignore the release completely, or having to link some pirate video like I sometimes have to with television performances.

Neither option makes me happy….

ETA: It’s on iTunes! Yay!!


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