Why do I find this so funny?


The presentation of the audience response just cracks me up.

I think it’s because I’ve seen most of these guys in concert? Rest assured, people like Dok2 and Jay Park and Choiza have plenty of female fans who clearly very much want to have their babies.

But the only one who gets that kind of edit is–this guy!

Seriously, what the fuck is he wearing? He looks like he’s about to go hunt a colorblind moose.

And the ladies are like….

ETA: Hee!


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  1. Yeah,this color combo is questionable – too Christmas-ey for my taste but tbh he doesn’t look any worse than the rest of idol-dom looks bad on any given day…I mean have you seen some of the crap G-dragon wears?? And He’s supposed to be considered fashion forward.At least Z & D aren’t wearing bucket hats….as long as they sound this good I can try to pretend I don’t notice any hideous clothing choices..

    • I think GD doesn’t care anymore, he just randomly takes clothes from his closet and wears them… fans will always think he’s cool and fashion icon (i mean more hard core ones at least) … well it’s not that extreme but yeasterday when I saw U-kwon on this award thing It also cross my mind: wtf is he wearing?
      omg that hand moving thing – I’m patting big dog on the head – is this happening in all rap concert or is just Korean thing?

          • I can’t wait to find out–I can’t decide if it would be funnier if he did, or if he just stood off to one side, looking on with thinly veiled contempt….

            • I’ve watched the video several times trying to see everything.I think Dean looks kind of…awkward? Like he’s not quite sure what to do while Zico is jumping around so he does that sort of airplane thing,meanwhile the crowd is on the verge of crying/fainting,then there’s that random white couple…If this is any example I think SMTM6 is going to be incredibly entertaining!

              • Yeah, I suspect that Dean’s a bit like Taeil–he REALLY wants to sing, but the whole bit where you have to sing in front of other people?? If there was a way around that….

      • I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody go from looking like a million bucks to looking like a dumpster diver faster than GD can.I get it if he looks like he’s in his pj’s at the airport,I’d want to travel in comfort too but other times it’s just like he dressed w/his eyes closed..I just wish he didn’t look so thin atm,the way he’s adding dates to this tour I’m afraid he’s going to collapse before it’s over.
        Lol,I don’t think I’ve seen an idol yet that I haven’t wondered at some point wtf is he wearing/done to his hair/what is that pose…And rap motions all kind of look recycled worldwide to me,I suppose there’s only so many you can do.

        • oh yes, people are saying that he always loses weight during tours and stuff but this time it’s too much, on the other hand connsidering that he had more to worry about than just tour it’s understendable but I hope he gets his fat back soon…
          that hand thing that audience is doing it’s Zico’s dance/move? I didn’t know that I thought it’s Korean trend or sth

          • Oh, you mean the audience putting their hand up and down? That’s just something that happens at K hip-hop shows (for some groups there are also hand signs, but Zico doesn’t have one). Honestly, you feel weird if you don’t do it, but because those shows are hot & crowded my deodorant ALWAYS fails me about 30 minutes in….

            • You said that it feels weird if you don’t do it… hmm I just tried this at home… it felt weirder when I was doing it… probably because I was alone, but still

          • When I 1st saw the pics of his chest bones I thought it had to be photoshopped but then there were more & more plus concert footage.The diff between how GD looked in Run Big Bang Scout & now is alarming.Yeah,the whole He always is thin before touring only holds so much water,this is beyond thin.I think he’s under more stress than we even know of & Top’s trial is supposed to be on the 29th,Korea time.

            • Glad though they didn’t change the date of the trial, the sooner this is over the better…

              And I feel like with GD and this tour and his enlistment his adding pressure to this himself as well, I don’t know how to explain this (english is not my language), he wants to get all he can now because maybe his afraid that after this military “break” the response, the buzz, the hype won’t be the same with him and with audience…

              • You explained it quite well,your English is very good! I agree,we call it striking while the iron is hot.Who knows what will happen w/a military interruption,or maybe the group will be no more & they will all retire/have solo careers/pursue other avenues in music,etc.I think GD is intelligent & does things w/a purpose & a meaning behind them.I feel it’s no accident his latest release is self titled.I think it’s an excellent album so it’s sure to leave fans wanting more & a positive note for him before he has to go on hiatus.That girl didn’t get a bad sentence considering she’s supposed to have been in trouble before – as long as she doesn’t get caught again.Hopefully Top isn’t going to be set up to take a fall to be made an example of,he’s got enough problems as is.

                • I think given what happened, they might back off a bit. But of course the girl got a light sentence because she gave TOP up, and it’s not like he could return the favor….

                  • True enough.I’m hoping the fact that it’s his first offense will be in his favor,she was caught multiple times so that’s probably why she gave him up.I got the impression she was the one who provided the mj too so at least I don’t think he can be accused of selling or whatever.I hope he’s got good lawyers though.

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