The first six months of 2017


Gaon has its first six months of 2017 chart out now–the Greater Block B Musical Complex hasn’t actually put out all that much music during this period, so it’s fewer songs than last year, but still not bad:

#19 “Yesterday”
#54 “She’s a Baby”
#83 “Flower Road”
#99 “Bermuda Triangle”

#88 Notebook

“Flower Road” and “Bermuda Triangle” actually came out in November 2016, so they rank lower because their sales were split between two years. On the six month download chart, “Flower Road” is listed as having 505,620 downloads, but if you add in the numbers for November and December 2016, it’s 976,110 downloads, so yeah–that one did really well. That was the song that was written live on television and released with almost no promotions.

Download-wise, “Yesterday” (with 911,984 downloads) at the six-month mark is just about even with “Toy” (913,927) for April-December 2016. So if you’re wondering why Block B doesn’t do full comebacks for every single release, there’s your answer. A handful of fun videos (with puppies!) vs. weeks of the music-show grind–what would you rather be doing? (And yes: “Yesterday” was written by Park Kyung. Happy Birthday, Kyungie!)

Since I’m blathering on about download numbers, I’ll note that “She’s a Baby” sold 563,467 in the first six months of 2017. Apparently that makes it a flop in some people’s minds? I suppose that’s the hazard of doing so well with so little apparent effort–the bar for what people are willing to consider success gets exceedingly high.

For some historical perspective: Remember “Very Good”? Remember how it was such a hit that it successfully relaunched the group following their lawsuit and move to Seven Seasons? 535,031 downloads.

ETA: Should we count “I Luv It”? I’m of two minds on that one, because Psy is such an established hit-maker. It’s #29 if you want it there.


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  1. There’s also this version of Yesterday which I just discovered recently.

    And for additional cute-Zico w/a puppy he has no intention of letting go of.

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