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There’s a lot going on, isn’t there? Like, Zico’s guesting on a song by Millic, and I’m probably not going to even be able to put it on because it’s coming out at almost the same time as Zico’s solo album (which has some interesting teasers, too).

Of course, the best Zico video out right now is this one here:

Zico bet his watch on that speed-reading contest, and then lost it. His expression is priceless!

And his watches ain’t cheap, either.

KHipHopSubs is translating Show Me the Money again, so yay! And Jaehyo & B-Bomb’s travel show is being translated here, so double-yay!

And Seven Seasons put out a fairly vague schedule that seems to be exciting everyone else much more than it does me. I mean, it’s gotten press coverage, so that in itself makes it worthwhile, but…I do hope people know that the plan pretty much every year has been to do two full-group comebacks–a small one in the spring and a big one in the fall–and the only year that has actually happened was 2014. (And even then, “Jackpot” promotions were cancelled because of the Sewol ferry tragedy.)

When a song doesn’t work out, or somebody blows a knee, or somebody’s mother dies–or maybe the news is great and somebody gets a really wonderful opportunity–it affects the schedule. That’s good, in my book–the group is more likely to stay together if consideration is shown to the members’ needs.

People are also saying that this proposed schedule will calm the crazy fans. OK, I’m just going to say it: Nothing will calm the crazy fans. When everything is fine, they just make shit up to get upset about. I’m already seeing “translations” that seriously up the number of “promised” activities, and of course should one of them fail to happen, the crazy fans will scream BETRAYAL!!!! Honestly, there is no point in tying yourself in knots trying to cater to people who will never be happy.

Speaking of people tying themselves in knots for no good reason, folks actually give a fuck about this?

Yes, five or six random Koreans could not identify Block B from a photograph! Wow.

I’ll tell you a true story: I’ve been hearing a lot about this group called the Chainsmokers. I’d never heard of them before, but they kept coming up–Chainsmokers over here, Chainsmokers over there, Chainsmokers everywhere!

Fuck! I said to myself. I’d better figure out who these guys are!

I went on YouTube, picked a random Chainsmokers song–and recognized it instantly.

I still couldn’t identify them from a photo, I didn’t even know who the Chainsmokers were–but I knew their music.

I’m guessing that’s the way it is for a lot of people in Korea when it comes to Block B. Maybe if they’d used a recent photo, people might have recognized Zico as “that Cass beer guy,” but maybe not. Play two seconds of “H.E.R,” however….

This, in contrast, I do feel is a cause for concern: U-Kwon has discovered fidget spinners.

Well, there goes all his time. And watch out for Sabellianism!


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  1. I was very happy to see there will be a Fanxy Child song on the upcoming album.I suspected there might be because they were all in proximity to one another for awhile – Zico even had some videos of Crush in the studio on Ig.My favorite thing lately though was a BeeSubs translation of Jaehyo’s Twitter.He pushed the food cart out into the hallway for room service to pick up,the door closed behind him & locked w/the key inside…I could just imagine the expression on his face,that is just So Block B! The only ppl who need to be able to identify Block B members are the ones who claim to stan them.A lot of music that I recognize or like I wouldn’t know the members if I fell over them & that includes Western artists.

    • That was really funny–and his feet were bare! Poor Jaehyo….

      Yeah, with Western artists, I almost never know what they look like unless they’re HUGE celebrities like Beyonce. I’m actually a lot more likely to know what a Korean artists looks like or what their name is, because I wind up looking them up on YouTube. For artists I hear on the radio, though, I might know all their songs and have no idea what the group is called–the Chainsmokers was far from the first time I’ve looked up an artist I “didn’t know” only to discover that I did.

      • I’m still iffy about Chainsmokers,some people were saying something about them being “problematic”?? Some group covered one of their songs,or expressed admiration,or ?…I didn’t delve into it,there aren’t enough hours in a day now as it is.For me it seems like some faces imprint on my mind more easily than others.SHINee may well be my 3rd favorite group but I still can’t reliably tell the diff between Ownew & Key.I can’t name an EXO song but I recognize Xiumin & Kai…

        • BTS was happy to meet them at the Billboard thing, so their fans got upset because the Chainsmokers don’t “deserve” BTS’ admiration for some reason. I have not attempted to figure out what the supposed problem is, because it does not sound like a promising rabbit hole.

          • Ok,that sounds familiar,BTS took pics w/them iirc & a Chainsmoker may have said/lyrics and/or done some thing or other at one time that is/may/should have been offensive to everyone/no one/BTS stans…no,not the rabbit hole for me either.

      • A lot of these grungy groups look the exact same. I guess we can say that with kpop too, but with the concept changes and promotions, it’s easier to ID them.

        • I always have to pick out unique characteristics when I’m trying to learn who’s who – like the top of U-Kwon’s left ear sticks out away from his head – hair color & concepts move too fast for me lol

          • I think with block b it’s easy, they’re all quite unique and easy to remember, when I look on some other groups though their faces kinda morph into one

            • I agree,I had some trouble recognizing B-Bomb at first but some of these groups I have no idea how anyone tells them apart,especially if there are a large number of members & multiple sub-groups.

    • I didn’t know Jaehyo did thatt! I must not have been keeping up properly.

      what is Fanxy Child? I have probably asked before, but I can never remember.

      • It’s easy to get left behind,it happens to me all the time,I only found out late last night that G-Dragon fell through a lift hole on stage during his most recent concert. Fanxy Child is Zico,Dean & Crush.

            • yeah, I would be a horrible looking accident if he hadn’t noticed the gap… on the other hand they had this kind of accident in reharsal before, as was shown in some movie, so one would guess they’d figure other way of getting mic on stage or at least after song was over but no…

              • I don’t like those floor openings,even grates in the street I avoid walking on,Im not taking any chances! I thought at first he fell forward until I watched video of it,he’s got quick reactions! I saw someone mention that other incident,I think it was during the Made tour maybe? And this time around he already had that fan somehow make her way on’s probably lucky these things don’t happen more often but that doesn’t make anyone feel any better about it.

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