“The essence of a press conference” is a combination of unflattering lights, boredom, and unfortunate smells, by the bye


Zico gave a press conference where he didn’t answer reporters’ questions!!!

Wow, yeah. I think “This article wasn’t written in an attempt to brandish unfair power. It’s an attempt to find the essence of a press conference” is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time, especially coming right after Eric & Na Hyemi’s “controversy.”

Reporters get pissed off about shit just like anyone else does. Of course, you usually keep it to yourself so that you don’t come across as an entitled, unprofessional, biased pussy. But I guess when you’re not accustomed to actually leaving the office for any reason, it makes it soooo hurtful when you do attempt the most basic level of reporting, and that canned event doesn’t work out exactly like you expected!

Since I am a former reporter, I of course have sneaky, back-door access to all other reporters’ questions, including the ones they weren’t allowed to ask Zico! Here they are!

  1. Why don’t you take responsibility for Block B?
  2. Is the line, “Why did she date such an unrefined delinquent?” about Seolhyun?
  3. How did she feel about it?
  4. So you’re still in touch/no longer in touch with her?
  5. Why don’t you take responsibility for Seolhyun?
  6. Why don’t you take responsibility for AOA?
  7. Why don’t you take responsibility for your antis?
  8. What is your ideal type?

Aren’t you all torn up inside that Zico and his mean, horrible label didn’t respect “the essence of a press conference”?

(Of course this “controversy” is having the same kind of impact they always do.)

ETA: And this too–I’m speechless as well, but probably for very different reasons than the original poster. I mean, this so-called journalist is carrying a grudge from 2013, and he can’t seem to understand why Seven Seasons would have been very careful about Block B’s media exposure after the Thailand scandal. Not like that’s their job or anything. Unprofessional and entitled as fuck–he’s openly carrying the hatchet for Seven Seasons because of something that happened four years ago.

EATA: Oh, God, I’m finding myself COMPLETELY agreeing with the people on Netizen Buzz! This is always so disconcerting when it happens….


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  1. Is it biased of me to not be able to work up any outrage over this?It’s not like this reporter had a one on one sit down for a major magazine w/Zico & got stood up.Aren’t these kind of pressers mainly just:Here’s my new music,please love it a lot & then there’s a photo-op?Unless Zico loses his mind & utters something totally inappropriate it’s just going to be boring asf anyway,right?I don’t feel as though we missed out on anything…Anti is some next level shit though,I hope it’s not going to get overlooked because it’s got that dark vibe to it.Also I just love pics of Zico & HyunA together!

    • That is EXACTLY what press conferences are like: Here’s what I want you to write about, here’s what I want you to think about it, we have 30 seconds for questions–oops! no we don’t! A press conference + many, many phone calls = real journalism, not that I expect K-Pop reporters to know anything about THAT….

      I love this album because it’s kind of dark and from left field. I doubt any song on it will do as well as “Boys & Girls” because they’re not that accessible, but they shouldn’t have to….

      • I’m just thankful Zico doesn’t seem to be getting jammed into some pigeonhole.I don’t think that would suit him.Pretty,Funny,Cute is fine too & most people will probably run toward that but if there’s a dark underbelly I’ll find it because I’m the one off to the side lifting up the rock & saying Oooh,look at this heart of darkness I just found ❤

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    • Oh, I love “Behind the Scene,” too–and Millic’s album is really good. I feel like Zico, Millic, and Dean are all influencing each other’s music in a way I definitely approve of!

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