The very, VERY special guests


Obviously the video for “Artist” has a lot of special guests: U-Kwon, Rie Hata, that troupe of awesome dancing schoolgirls.

But I’m talking about a VERY special kind of guest, namely the kind of guest who had no idea a freakin’ video was going on in the first place.

I’m talking: The boy who spots Zico and U-Kwon dancing outside a convenience store.

His brother comes out.

They can’t believe what they’re seeing!

They decide to go back inside, where things are less weird.

But Grandma has to come out, too, to see what the heck is going on!

Speaking of grandparents…

“Our morning walk will never be the same again!”

(I mean, no one will ever top the guy at the end here:

but they were still pretty great!)


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  1. I have a slight issue with this MV but after watching dance practice couple times to catch up with everything what’s going on there lol, I realized that I acually like the song

    it would be cool if grandma joined the dance though, like excuse me I’ll show you real moves

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