What a cute little cheeseball!



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Isn’t that nice? (The message is, “Thank you!”) When I was first starting up BlockB.com and I was doing the member profiles (which include birthdays), I noticed that Park Kyung’s birthday was coming up. So part of me thought, “Oh, if I could get this site up and running by his birthday, that might be a nice thing for him,” but then I was like, “Silly–he probably wouldn’t even notice.”

And then his birthday rolled around well before I could get the site up, and–well, I felt kind of bad about missing it. I’d only discovered the group a few months before, so it was the first time I’d witnessed his birthday. It was really obvious that Kyung actually does read birthday messages and really does pay attention to things (like charity donations, or this sign) that fans do for him.

I’m not quite sure what the moral of this post is, other than, If you’ve got a cool idea to celebrate Park Kyung’s birthday, you should probably go through with it!


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