(Naw, I wasn’t planning on unwinding tonight with some wine and episode 2 of Show Me the Money.…)

Anyway: Block B Japan decided to drop a couple of bombs. There’s going to be a special project CD featuring P.O, U-Kwon, Taeil, Jaehyo & B-Bomb and a variety of yet unnamed Japanese musicians. And before then, U-Kwon & Taeil (as T2U) will have a national tour!

If you’re wondering, why U-Kwon & Taeil? Well, Taeil’s already had three solo concerts in Japan, and U-Kwon released a single there and was in Q-Chan (which was pretty darned amusing, I will say). So it makes sense–plus, it’s not like these are huge venues or anything.

But it’s nice! Good news all around–and more music, which is always a win in my book!

(And butthurt Korean fans will announce another boycott in 3, 2, 1….)


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  1. Until PO blew up, Ukwon easily worked the most out of anyone in the group barring Zico. Just. I was always hearing he was doing something new, even if it was just a photo shoot.

    And I guess Jaehyo just isn’t ever going to have many schedules or that much popularity compared to the others…

    • Well, a year ago, P.O hadn’t blown up yet, so…. Entertainment is an industry where you just never can say never–that’s why you have to keep plugging away.

  2. Oh,I hope you’ll keep us updated on this! I’ve been falling behind figuring out what they’ve been doing lately.I did find that Dingo is doing a little reality show w/Zico called “Hack Zico”,Kyung showed up at the end of ep 2.I’m afraid you’re right about K-fan backlash though & I hope it won’t turn into anything major.The rest of us ifans are easier to ignore because we’re so far away but Japan is right next door…

    • “Hack Zico” is a lot of fun!

      Yeah, hopefully the K-fans be cool with it (and many always are, of course)–this is a really nice opportunity in a major market. And fingers crossed that they continue to release the music internationally!

    • Oh, Lordy, I just watched the most recent “Hack Zico” episode. Well, I suppose that if the subject had to come up, I am relieved to know that he has never tasted poo or pee.

      • I just watched it! I find it somewhat comforting that he realized he probably shouldn’t have said that…I just love how they interact w/one another & how cute is Crush!?

        • Yeah–I think it’s funnier when he’s interacting with people like Penomeco or Crush or Park Kyung, who see him all the time and aren’t afraid to take the piss out of him.

          • Omg, the random question about poop… I think I’m dumb for this whole kpop thing, after reading yeasterday comments about Zico on AsianJunkie under articles about him…

            On other note P.O is leaving his dream on Outrageous Roommates, I wonder if this would be his last appearance on the show?

            • LOL! Oh, I know–I’m mainly annoyed that I wasted five minutes of my life engaging with a complete fuckwit, and you KNOW that “Zico used monkeys in ‘Artist’ because he’s racist!” will turn up again. Nothing to be done about it….

              That would be funny if the show was just like, P.O achieved Nirvana! He’s done!

              • loI didn’t know about that… Although I am against useing wild animals in MV and was like ‘not again’ how is that connect with racism? I think they will find anything that offends them, I was talking about older articles and stuff…

                Well P.O has been non-stop on this show from the beggining while others alternate so yeah that maybe the highlight, I don’t think for him anything can top that… the way the rest roast him though…

                • Yeah–they are generally concerned with animal welfare, so hopefully nothing too bad happened, but I agree with you that it’s better not to use real animals. (The “connection” to racism starts here–it was just too dumb, and I shouldn’t have taken the bait. Honestly, I can’t believe I bothered logging back on to Disqus for it–it’s been years. OTOH, now many more years will pass before I do that again!)

                  But Asian Junkie’s Block B coverage benefits greatly from the site’s Great Sever Meltdown of–2014, I think? The coverage of “Tough Cookie” was just a marvel of hypocrisy (I’m not offended but you should be! Hate away in the comments!). And for a while there the site’s “insider” “helping” their Zico coverage was the person who inspired the original post here, who later happily admitted that she was a troll, and who also posted that she didn’t think Zico was cognitively capable of making moral decisions.

                  I mean, I like the site more than most English-language K-Pop sites because at least it’s usually entertaining, but it has a lot of the same problems as far as accuracy is concerned.

  3. Oh, I think I know the post you’re talking about (about him not being capable etc), when I read it I think I looked like this O.o

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