Unexpectedly funny things


“Dude, I hit your car–let me drag you massively for it!”

And “Hack Zico” is turning out to be much funnier than I expected. In this episode Zico is visiting Korean friends in Japan, and one of them has some complete strangers wanting to take his picture because they think he’s good-looking. They ignore Zico completely, and the friend is so confused while Zico is cracking up–it’s awesome.

(Asian tourists to the United States don’t do this nearly so much nowadays, but in the 1980s that kind of thing happened all the time, especially if you looked or were dressed in a way that was considered somehow representative of the local people. My sister once wore a cowboy hat to Yosemite National Park, and it was like Princess Diana meeting the paparazzi.)


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  1. This is certainly the best thing I’ve seen all day! I never fail to be reminded why Zico is my bias.I love that the kids at the school know who he is.Also,I think Jaehyo & Taeil need to write scripts for comedy shows.

      • Surely he must be referencing fried chicken in Jaehyo’s shoes!? Who wastes chicken that way?! lol….Since Jaehyo took video of Taeil drunkenly tipping over backwards in an office chair & put it up on Ig briefly I figure they’re pretty much even atm…

          • I would so love another Match Up Returns type show w/all of them.It would be nice if they could do something like that before they all start trickling off to the military,in the meantime I’m glad Dingo is at least giving us Zico Hacked.

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