It’s the attention to detail…


…that separates the artistic dancer from the run-of-the-mill hoofer.

In other words–look at that silly face!


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    • Plus some amazing face-making!

      In all seriousness, Zico’s a pretty good dancer–I don’t think it comes that easily to him, but it’s something that he can do well.

      • I think he’s no longer stressed about it. I remember once, it was in Match up?, Ukwon said that if Zico could relax he would be a good dancer… it’s like well i can’t avoid it so better enjoy

        • He’s really opened up as a solo performer over the past 3-4 years. IIRC, he himself described his old style as just getting on stage and cringing, which was about right. Then he started running around, switching the music up with live bands, and now he’s dancing! Just having a lot more fun with it as he’s gained experience.

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