This SEEMS cute


And then you remember just how bad B-Bomb is at making ramen.

ETA: Speaking of cooking, I was watching the P.O bits from Insolent Housemates, and now I want to sit him down and teach him how to make sponge cake. It’s hard to describe what they’re doing wrong to people without showing them, but what they did was beat the eggs whites into a meringue, and then accidentally beat the meringue back into eggs whites by mixing the other ingredients in too aggressively (and beating all the air out of the meringue). The result was a pancake–tasty, of course, but they could have made one much more efficiently by simply beating whole eggs (as they did at first). You want to mix together all your other ingredients separately, and then gently fold the meringue in until it’s just blended (no white streaks!). That’s how you get the spongey texture and a light cake.


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    • Yeah, it’s one of those technique things that recipes often don’t tell you about, but the texture won’t be right otherwise. That CIA video actually does a really good job–I don’t beat whites by hand, I use a mixer, but other than that it tells you everything you need to know about whipping up egg white and folding them in. (Also if you need to add sugar or anything to the whites, do it a small amount at a time.)

      I was kind of wondering why they were using such a fiddly cake recipe, but then I was like, duh, in other countries they don’t always have baking powder like we do in the States. (I tried to make a cake in France when I was there, and it was quite an education! The sugar and salt were granulated differently, there was no baking powder, and the eggs were a different size! The end result was kind of like P.O’s–it tasted good and the family sure was happy to eat it, but the texture was COMPLETELY wrong.)

  1. OMG the making of spong cake I was watching with my mouth open thinking ‘what the actual f**k?’. Probably because my view on food and stuff most of the time when I watch them eat on this kind of shows and how they talk aboout food I want to smash my head against the wall or sth… most of the time it’s really disturbing

  2. I am an experienced old baker and I pretty much do all by hand cause I am used to it and get super lazy to wash extra stuff. I was so annoyed with their rolled cake, even for a begginer some things are basic: if is necessary to beat the egg whites is cause the recipe demand air to get fluffy, meaning you need to be careful with stuff you add to it.

    Here in Brazil that is a pretty basic recipe and even if is a bit different I am pretty sure the basic is the same. I find so odd many people dont know how to bake a cake, was the first thing I learned to do when I was 10 years old.

    • Yeah, my mother is a big baker, so we got a pretty thorough kitchen education, but if you don’t have someone to show you stuff….

      In the United States, where cakes are also common, there’s basically been decades of propaganda about how making cakes is IMPOSSIBLY HARD. (Because stirring is beyond people….) The vast majority of people I know who DARE to attempt making cakes at home use cake mixes, which I think are a total scam. But the processed-food companies have really succeeded at detaching people from the process of baking and turning it into this dark mystery–although I hope that’s changing, because people really are moving away from processed food nowadays.

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