From Netizenbuzz:

Also from Netizenbuzz:

Be sure to read those comments–no misogyny there, no way!

From Asian Junkie:

Also from Asian Junkie (no link, because it’s EVERYWHERE):

What I can see as a legitimate complaint about iKon’s behavior is that the audience probably included many young people, so stuff like grinding was not really appropriate. I’m still not sure why men in drag lifting each other’s skirts constitutes harassment of women, unless one of the members of iKon has a REAL surprise in store. And Asian Junkie saying stuff like “[iKon’s behavior] does kinda put everything in a less joking tone and more just disrespectful manner”–honestly, the only way to top that is going to be if Anti KPop-Fangirl stops drawing dicks on women’s pictures long enough to condemn iKon as well.

ETA: And the concert was from last year–hahahahaha. Yeah, everyone there was so upset that it took a year for some hater to dig up the clips.


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  1. I had seen this at Nb & read some of the “outrage”,I didn’t know the “controversy” is a year old – I find that hilarious.Maybe the grinding was too much,I don’t know if these iKon concerts have an age restriction & I didn’t bother to find any footage of the incident but GIFs can make things look worse because it’s looped.I felt very meh about it,”no women were harmed in the filming of this concert…”,I don’t know what the crusaders are on their high horse about – I guess we’re supposed to deduce that iKon treats women like this irl..? I’ve got pics of Kyung lifting Jaehyo’s skirt which I found to be cute & one of Taeyang lifting Seungri’s skirt to expose his fully clothed behind which is funny,but obviously I’m delulu/perverted/misogynistic…re-education camp is next…

    • The “controversy” isn’t a year old–no one much cared back when this actually happened. But the photos/GIFs made their way to Pann recently, so now everyone’s piling on. If no one watching the concert had a problem with the grinding, I’m not going to worry about it, even if the GIF was a perfectly accurate portrayal of what happened.

      I don’t know if it’s a translation issue or what, but it seems like there’s this whole dumb thing in K-Pop nowadays of claiming that it’s misogyny any time a male entertainer “drags women down” by, say, claiming to have had a lot of sex with women in a rap song–and I think this is a part of that. Meanwhile the real-life treatment of actual women? Who gives a fuck. SJWing at its finest!

      • Tbh when I saw the glaring headline I thought it was going to be something horrific like they had female backup dancers & they were groping the women on stage.This stage grinding goes on all the time,if you take away the feminine clothing you just have a business as usual show.I don’t follow iKon but I’ve seen enough to know they seem to be a lightning rod for haters.The SJW scene seems too judgemental far too often for my tastes.If they’d focus their ire on actual abuse of women then fine,but I don’t see the point of raging about a bunch of guys in skirts getting handsy w/one another.I’d like to know the percentage of people slamming the shit out of iKon who would be the 1st ones to say,Well she knew what sort of life she was getting into when a female idol says she was sexually abused by her manager as a trainee….

        • Right–if there was actual sexual abuse, yes, let’s get upset. But this kind of thing…. I don’t follow iKon, either, but I’ve seen enough K-Pop pack behavior that I’m like, You know, if their last song had charted better, this would not be an “issue.”

          The SJW thing drives me crazy, because it’s such slacktivism. I mean, look at Korea’s rape laws, where you basically have to be beaten half to death for nonconsensual sex to qualify legally as rape. There’s definitely ripe ground for reform there that would clearly improve the lives and security of women. But changing laws is hard. Pitching a fit about a group you don’t like–well, that’s easy, so let’s do that instead! JUSTICE!!!!

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