Lost and Found and Lost and Found and Lost and Found and Lost and Found


OK, I’ve been listening to this:

too much already, but this:

has really put me over the limit.

But I do feel like, if you’ve got a singer who can do what Taeil does live at the 2:52 mark, why wouldn’t you put that in the commercial version?

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      • You’re right about that! I’m not much of a ballad person so when I first heard Lost & Found I thought it was an okay song that suited Taeil’s style but this live version almost feels like a different song to me! I like it very much,I think it showcases his voice so much better.

  1. I’m totally not a pop ballad person myself, especially k-pop ballad(they all sounds the same to me) but Taeil has some kind of warmth in his voice that when I listen to one I want more. Which is weird cause , for me his voice, like Taeyang’s, doesn’t have any special characteristics, but somehow, unlike Taeyang’s, it draws me in…?

    • I think it’s the emotional quality–at least that’s what stands out for me. He can sound really sweet or really upset, and he has a sort of roundness to his voice that I really like. Those aspects appeal to me a lot more than just kind of playing How High Can He Sing?

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