Lil Zion T Boi


Zion T came to Vancouver, so I went to see him. Actually he came to Coquitlam, which as it turns out is an extremely Korean suburb of Vancouver. I wanted to stay near the venue, so I’m having pretty much the Full Koreaboo—didn’t really expect that, but it’s OK, I can eat meat porridge for breakfast if I need to. (While I understand that a Korean market in North America needs to differentiate itself from the mainstream supermarkets, I have to point out that I never had a problem finding Western breakfast foods–many actually made in Korea–when I was in Korea, even when I was shopping at a 7-11 in Suwon. And honestly, your only dairy offering shouldn’t be Milkis. That’s just wrong.)

Anyway, the concert was excellent. It wasn’t just Zion T but Lil Boi as well, although at this point Lil Boi isn’t such a baby face. Zion T, though—dude looks 10. His face, his size, his proportions: It’s like watching a child who’s just a incredible natural performer.

Anyway, it was interesting because Zion T is this smooth R&B singer, which attracts a mellower crowd (although not so much an older one—I saw two other gray-haired ladies but then realized that they were there with kids). The venue was seated with reserved seating. Combine those two factors (plus, this is Canada), and the concert started late because the freaking audience didn’t show up on time!

Or maybe they were just trying to miss the opening act? Joke was on them, though, because Zion T opened, did mellow songs, then Lil Boi came in and hyped the place up, and then Zion T returned and did his upbeat songs. Then he did an encore, and then he faked everyone out by turning on the house lights, and just when everyone had given up and started to leave, turned them off again and did a bunch more songs!

Zion T spoke Korean almost exclusively—apparently he’s quite funny, although of course I missed a lot of what was going on. But he had a litany of complaints: He hadn’t eaten, he was tired, his voice wasn’t good, he was all alone on stage, he had asked Crush to come with him but Crush couldn’t (the audience had to sing Crush’s part, and our singing was a sad disappointment). He kept asking if he was doing OK. He tried to make an on-stage companion from an open water bottle, but Lil Boi kicked it over, so he drew sadly on the stage with the water. He struggled (and not in silence) to put a microphone stand on its marks.

It all culminated with the audience chanting “Don’t cry!” in what I thought was a highly impressive display of group sarcasm.

Anyway, despite the late start, it was an excellent concert. Zion T was great, Lil Boi was great, and DJ Dopsh was great!

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