The things you discover….


My sister was wondering why, in the Bastarz cover of “An Alley,” U-Kwon pulls out a lint roller and rolls himself. I was like, Well, I know he says “cat” in there, but I don’t know what the rest of it is–maybe I’ll get around to translating it one day, but probably someone else will translate it first.

And low and behold, JBTC did translate it–but the translation makes it sound like U-Kwon is singing complete nonsense.

Now, it certainly wouldn’t too shocking if U-Kwon just decided to do something like that, but YDG was singing along during the broadcast, and he’s totally the kind of guy to do that sort of thing, too, so I looked up the 2002 version of the song and found that part.

Then I Googled “Kim SuHan Moo” (and lets just be grateful I didn’t start with “Yang SuHan Moo,” otherwise I’d still be lost) and discovered what is actually going on–it’s a tongue twister!


You want to know something: Stuff like this is exactly what sucked me into Korean entertainment in the first place.

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