Hi there! My name is Mary Sisson, and I’m an indie novelists. If you want to look at my books, check out MarySisson.com. There’s also a blog there that deals with writing and self-publishing, if you have any interest in either subject. In addition, I run the BlockB.com Web site, dedicated to that very fine Korean hip-hop group (and if you want to contact me, you can do it through the FAQs page there).

That seems like it should be enough, right? But I started feeling the urge to blog about random stuff that wasn’t really appropriate to address in either place. Ergo, this, My Other Blog!


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  2. Hi. Want to ask yr opinion regarding block b ‘HER’ comeback. With 3 win that they obtained. Do you think it was good? or they could win more than 3?

    • I wrote a bit about how music shows are scored here: https://polsygol.wordpress.com/2014/08/15/the-pushback/ Basically they are very much set up to benefit groups from big labels. So honestly, I think it’s great that Block B managed to win three, because they were really fighting an uphill battle to do so.

      That said, in general music shows don’t mean that much–they are one way to raise a group’s profile, but by no means the only way. I think that from a business perspective, it’s much more significant that H.E.R has been selling well than that Block B has won three (or however many!) TV shows. If they were in Sistar’s shoes, with a lot of trophies but not a lot of album sales, they’d probably be in real trouble right now, because they make money off of music, not CFs.

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