Hi there! My name is Mary Sisson, and I’m an indie novelists. If you want to look at my books, check out MarySisson.com. In addition, I run the BlockB.com Web site, dedicated to that very fine Korean hip-hop group (and if you want to contact me, you can do it through the FAQs page there).

That seems like it should be enough, right? But I started feeling the urge to blog about random stuff that wasn’t really appropriate to address in either place. Ergo, this, My Other Blog!

Comments are appreciated, but please be aware that all comments are held in moderation until approved.

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  2. Hi. Want to ask yr opinion regarding block b ‘HER’ comeback. With 3 win that they obtained. Do you think it was good? or they could win more than 3?

    • I wrote a bit about how music shows are scored here: https://polsygol.wordpress.com/2014/08/15/the-pushback/ Basically they are very much set up to benefit groups from big labels. So honestly, I think it’s great that Block B managed to win three, because they were really fighting an uphill battle to do so.

      That said, in general music shows don’t mean that much–they are one way to raise a group’s profile, but by no means the only way. I think that from a business perspective, it’s much more significant that H.E.R has been selling well than that Block B has won three (or however many!) TV shows. If they were in Sistar’s shoes, with a lot of trophies but not a lot of album sales, they’d probably be in real trouble right now, because they make money off of music, not CFs.

  3. It’s so awesome to have found your blog and to know there are other kpop fans of a…ahem…certain age like myself. I’ll be heading to the Ateez concert in LA next week. It will be my first kpop concert and I’m a little nervous about being in a crowd of teen to 20somethings. However, your blog is a great find and gives me hope that, although I’ll surely be in the minority, I may not be completely alone! πŸ™‚

    • Oh, you should totally get in touch with commenter Michelle V–she’s our age and was planning on going to that very concert! I’ll drop her a line–she’s in a Facebook group, too, but I can’t remember what it’s called right now.

      In any case, I’ve never gotten any flak at any show for being older. Honestly, I think a lot of the fans like having an older person around who =doesn’t= think that K-Pop is just dumb kiddie stuff!

    • Hi Tricia! Don’t be nervous…the fans at Kpop concerts are a wonderful and not judge-y in the slightest! I’ve never once felt awkward, and I’ve been to ALOT of Kpop concerts since I fell down the rabbit hole in 2015. We’ll meet up at ATEEZ in LA so you won’t be alone.

      • Hi Michelle! Great to meet you. I just requested to join the Kpop Noonas group. I’ll try to seek you out in the group when I get approved. It will be great to meet up at the LA show!

    • Tricia – Join the Facebook group “Kpop Noonas” – I’ll introduce you to a bunch of great (and older) Kpop fans.

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